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Evan’s Take on Camping

We’re camping again at Long Lake Provincial Park. This is one of our favorite campgrounds because it has a great Beach for the kids. I decided to interview Evan this morning about what he likes about camping. I have included phonetic spelling for how he says thing for the pure cuteness factor.

What is your favorite camping food? Mushmewwows (marshmallows)

Do you like marshmallows or chocolate better? Mushmewwows AND chocolate. With cookies.

So s’mores? Yep! They’re dewishous!

Who are your favorite people to camp with? Kate and Warren (Lauren…..he can’t say L’s)

Hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger!

Potato chips or candy as a treat? Both!

What’s your favorite part of camping? EVERYTHING!




Saturday 13th of August 2011

Oh my gosh is that cute! Love the pictures too!