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Evan’s Top 10 Reasons NOT to go to Bed

Hi, it’s Evan here. Just thought I would write this blog post for Mommy since she’s a little annoyed right now.  Maybe this will cheer her up and make her stop yelling “GO TO BED!!!!”

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Go To Bed

  1. It’s not dark outside! – Really how does she expect me to go to sleep when I can whip the blinds aside & still see daylight?????
  2. I have to pee – Now that I’m using the big boy potty this one gets me at least one “get out of bed free” pass per night if not more.  I just have to sound REALLY convincing!
  3. I need milk! – This one works really well if I wait until we’re in my bedroom before I remember it.  Then we have to go back downstairs to get the milk….oh and did I mention that I have to go too?  Yep!
  4. I can’t find my favorite toy of the day – This one can change based on what toy ISN’T in my room when I’m supposed to go to bed.  This one can definitely stall sleeping for a long time while Mommy looks for my toy.  Good thing she doesn’t know I stuffed it behind the couch!
  5. I’m hungry! – This one makes Mommy’s face turn purple especially when I refused to eat dinner just a short time ago.
  6. I want to play toys for just one more minute! – This one works really well until you ask for the fourth or fifth time.  After that you have to figure out another reason.
  7. I want Mommy/Daddy (whoever isn’t there).  –
  8. One more book! – sometimes you can get them to read two or three!
  9. There are monsters in my room! – This one makes mommy feel bad. She says there aren’t monsters but I don’t believe her!
  10. Just one more snuggle – This one works on Mommy every time ESPECIALLY if I put my arms around her neck, squeeze her really tight and give her a kiss.
Well, Mommy is back and I better go to bed.  She says she’s not kidding this time.  Maybe I’ll try that just one more snuggle routine on her again.  You never know!


Tuesday 13th of July 2010

two of my favorites from my 5 boys were... my ears need cleaning ... and my toe nails just grew.


Tuesday 6th of July 2010

I'm so glad that I'm not alone!

Oh...and Jellybean....he definitely does the scream at the top of his lungs approach too. Mommy's just love that one....NOT!

Betsy (Eco-Novice)

Tuesday 6th of July 2010

It used to be a struggle to get our toddler in bed by TEN. Then one day he skipped the nap and was out at 8. bye, bye, nap. He now often asks for bed.

Eos Mom

Tuesday 6th of July 2010

Ugh, my son does #4--he keeps adding toys to the mix of those he HAS to take to bed with him--but he never keeps track of where he left them. Great list!


Tuesday 6th of July 2010

I love this list! I remember those days very well. I also miss those days a bit...