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Exploring Northern Alabama – Natural Bridge Park

Natural Bridge Alabama - Merry About Town.jpg

Although I lived in Alabama for most of my childhood and teenage years, this is only my second time to visit Natural Bridge Park. After sharing pictures on Instagram, I had tons of my friends and family from Alabama tell me that many of them have never visited the park. Every time Dewey and I drove from Birmingham, AL to Winfield, AL on Hwy 22, we would pass the Natural Bridge exit and say “We should visit there one day” and keep driving. On this trip to Alabama, we actually had a day free so we decided to actually visit instead of just talking about it.

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A little bit about the Natural Bridge. It’s actually pretty cool to see and Evan totally wanted to walk across it. As much as I wanted to say “Go for it! I’ll wait here.” I didn’t. Due to insurance issues, no one is allowed to cross it. They can save the rules because there is NO WAY I would have crossed it.

Natural Bridge AL - Merry About Town.jpg

The Natural Bridge is only about 100 yards from the start of the trail but the entire trail is a little over a mile long. It is pretty easy to walk over but is not appropriate for those with limited mobility or wheelchairs or strollers. There’s too much uneven terrain, roots and rocks for that.

Evan exploring Natural Bridge - Merry About Town.jpg

However, roots, rocks and uneven terrain are PERFECT for energetic 6 1/2 year olds. Evan loved racing around the park seeing what was around the next corner. After dealing with months and months of snow here in Calgary, Evan and I really enjoyed checking out all the plants and the really cool rock formations left behind when the sandstone washed away leaving iron ore.

Cool Rock Formations at Natural Bridge AL - Merry About Town.

After a weekend with tons of travel and meeting new people for Evan, it was great to explore nature with him and let him run around and do what boys do. He totally enjoyed it and so did Dewey and I. Evan even picked up a few souvenirs (and before you get mad about them….they came from the gravel pathways that had pea gravel on them…I’m pretty sure it was not native to the park but Evan didn’t care.)

Collecting Rocks at Natural Bridge Park - Merry About Town

Natural Bridge Park can be found on Hwy 278 (you can easily follow the signs off of Hwy 22 after taking the Natural Bridge/Eldridge exit). If you want directions or get lost, call the park at 205 – 486-5330. There is a nominal admission fee to enjoy the park. There is a small gift shop and a drink vending machine at the park. If you would like to eat lunch, bring a picnic!

Natural Bridge Park is definitely worth a visit next time you are exploring Northern Alabama. 205-486-5205-486-5330