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Exploring the Deep in Cozumel with Atlantis Submarines

Exploring the Deep in Cozumel with Atlantis Submarines

For a not very adventurous little boy, Evan sure has gotten to go on a lot of adventures….and not little adventures either. BIG, EPIC adventures.

One was getting to go on a submarine when we visited Cozumel. When we first booked the trip, we though “Hmm…I wonder if it is even a real submarine. Maybe it’s just like a glass bottom boat that is deeper…or something.”

Well, it was a real, honest to goodness submarine. We boarded the white submarine run by Atlantis Submarines and it dove and dove and dove. Yep, it didn’t sit on the top like a glorified glass bottom boat. We dove to the depths of the ocean. In fact, we went straight to the bottom and we even got to go right up to the edge of an undersea trench.

On the way down, we all looked out the windows agog at the different species of fish that swam by the window. Thankfully, there were fish identification cards at each window. Evan was *pretty* sure that he was better at identifying fish than me but we can’t be 100% sure.

Taking Pics of the fish

I’m pretty sure he took one thousand pictures while we were aboard. Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t turn out very well because of the light but Evan couldn’t care less. He had a blast snapping picture after picture.


Then we saw a shipwreck in the distance. The ship was actually sank to make an artificial reef but why let fact get in the way? Evan is convinced that there is a ghastly story that goes along with the ship. Maybe even pirates!

At our deepest, we were around 110 feet below the surface. I couldn’t believe we went that deep! Next thing we knew, we were heading back to the surface. Evan was glued to the window right up until the last moments looking for fish or maybe another shipwreck.

Going on a Submarine Adventure

Overall, it was one of our most fun activities that we experienced on this trip to Mexico. While it was not the most cultural or natural activity that we did, it was the most universally accessible. There is a small ladder that you have to climb down but otherwise anyone can go. Young (over 4 years old) or old…it doesn’t matter. All can see the bottom of the ocean which is pretty cool considering that you would have to scuba dive to see it otherwise.

Evan and Dewey both talked about our submarine ride for the rest of the trip. Definitely a must see!

Atlantis Submarines

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Atlantis also has tours that include the ferry tickets if you are coming from the Mayan Riviera.

Disclosure: Our family was hosted by Atlantis Submarines. As always, all opinions are my own.


Aeryn Lynne

Wednesday 13th of May 2015

Oh gosh, what an experience! Am such a fanatic for water adventures, but have yet to try something so cool as this. :) It looks like your son had a blast, and what awesome memories it'll make for him to remember!

Jenna Em

Wednesday 13th of May 2015

What a find excursion! My kids would go crazy to go in a submarine and have a look underwater. It looks like you had a fantastic vacation.


Tuesday 12th of May 2015

I've seen Atlantis Submarines before in Hawaii but have never gone on them. It looks like your family had a great time. I bet my kids would love to go on an Atlantis Submarine. I think I will have to look into it for our next trip.

Merry Kuchle

Saturday 16th of May 2015

We loved it. They are all run by the parent company and they have a great safety record. I would definitely do the excursion at other places too. It's perfect for kids b/c they are too young to learn to dive.

Little Miss Kate

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

Oh how cool is that!!! What an awesome adventure to have as a family. I think submarines are so neat, but I wonder if my nerves would get the better of me if I actually had the opportunity to go on one.


Tuesday 12th of May 2015

Oh what an amazing experience! (though i admit, this would be kinda terrifying for me!)