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Fabulous Finds at Sisters Roadside Treasures

Antiques bottles and dish - Merry About Town

I love a good antique store. I know it is going to be good when I walk in and think “Oooohhhhh….I want to buy it ALLLL!” In Calgary, there are a few places I like to frequent but now that we have a cottage, I am trying to find new places to visit.

Every time I drove to Rimbey to buy groceries, I noticed a sign that said Sisters Roadside Treasures. I kept telling myself that I had to stop but there was always something going on that made me keep driving. Finally one day I decided to go check it out because it was a rainy day and my friend Jen was visiting.

The minute I walked in I said “Oooohhhhh….I want to buy it ALLLL!”. Yep. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

Antique Stoneware Crock - Merry About Town.jpg

My first purchase was an antique crock. We have a fireplace at the cottage and the kindling was a HUGE mess. Dewey would leave it on the hearth and Cooper would help himself to it leaving chewed bits of wood everywhere. This crock was the perfect answer. It holds kindling, newspaper and the lighter so it is neat and tidy plus it is very “cottagy” looking.

Antique Spice Rack - Merry About Town

Next I bought an antique spice rack. At the store they had it full of antique spice jars and boxes. Unfortunately, the boxes are expensive so I only bought one. I will build my spice rack up over time. It will give me a great thing to look for when I go exploring yard sales and antique stores. I love that it has so many different size spaces so I can use it to display all kinds of treasures.

In the picture at the beginning of this post, you can see the antique bottles and dish that I bought for my bedside table. It complements the shabby chic table I have there perfectly.

Snowmobiling Boy - Merry About Town

In the “I didn’t need it but it’s so CUTE!” category is this adorable ceramic snowmobiling little boy. He looks a lot like Evan so I just had to have him (plus the price was right). He will grace our house this winter during the Christmas holidays.

Today I am sitting at the cottage on another rainy day writing this post and I think another visit to Sisters may be on tap today. Stay tuned to see what new treasures I bring home.

Sisters Roadside Treasures

Located between Rimbey & Bluffton off Highway 53 6kms north on Range Road 23 and off Highway 20 4kms east on Town Road 434.

Seasonal Store Hours (Open May – Dec): 10 am – 5 pm

Thursday – Sunday


Katie Edwards

Friday 25th of July 2014

I LOVE that spice rack. I would display other things on it, too. This store looks awesome!