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The Best Soup Recipes for Fall

Cooler weather and falling leaves mean Fall is here and to me, fall means SOUP. I love soup. It is the perfect food. Warm, hearty, delicious and often super easy. Here are some of the best soup recipes for fall. Gather up your ingredients, make a loaf of cheddar garlic beer bread, garlic cheese biscuits or a skillet of cornbread and enjoy.

Fall Soups and Stews

Should You Make Soup on the Stove, in the Instant Pot or in the Crock Pot?

Most soups can be made anyway you like. To keep the depth of flavour, make sure you sauté your aromatics (onions, garlic, etc.) so that they are as flavourful as possible. Want to use your crockpot on a soup where the instructions are for the stove top? Just try it! Usually the only thing that is a MUST is to put any dairy in at the end so it doesn’t overcook.

Can You Freeze Soup?

Almost all soups can be frozen though your experience can vary. A friend of mine often prepped CrockPot Chicken and Dumplings without the dumplings and froze it. Then when she wanted to serve it, she warmed it up and added the dumplings at the end.

Leftovers are easy to freeze in single servings. They heat up best when allowed to thaw out before you heat them back up.

The Best Soup Recipes for Fall

Fall stews and soups are warm and comforting. Plus, they are easy and delicious! Gather up your ingredients and make a big pot of soup!

What are your Favourite Fall Soup and Stew Recipes ?