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Five Fun Activity Ideas for a Snowy Weekend with Your Kids

It has been snowing like CRAZY this week in Calgary. We have about a foot of snow & it is FREEZING so outdoor activities aren’t all that comfortable. Though I sometimes start to feel like a sloth because I don’t get as much exercise, I do love a nice snowy weekend at home.

1. Bake cookies!  – There are so many reasons that this is a great activity. First….there are cookies! Second….it teaches children about math and following directions. Third….it’s FUN! Some recipes to try: Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickerdoodles and Soft Ginger Cookies

Making cookies.
2. Play board games. – If you are a Type A like me, the first thing you MUST do to make this enjoyable is let go of your need to make sure everyone follows the rules. Evan loves board games but they rarely look like the games you would recognize. Regardless, they can bring hours (or at least minutes) of fun to the whole family. Evan loves dominoes & the Richard Scary Busy Town game.

3. Crafts! – Evan loves doing crafts but often I use the whole “we don’t have time” excuse. If you are stuck in the house, that is not an issue. Some of his favorites are blowing food coloring on white paper with a straw and making window clings.

Window Cling Craft

 4. Call it a jammy day! – Evan and I haven’t done this in a while but it is a favorite around here. We stay in our jammies all day, watch family movies & drink hot cocoa.

5. Sledding – I know, I know….you can’t do this indoors but I’ve found that sometimes you have to leave the house or everyone will go stir crazy! I was a sledding avoider until this year. I must admit that it is really fun (though a little scary). We have an awesome sledding hill by Evan’s elementary school. In fact, I think we are going to head there tomorrow.

Sledding is a great winter activity!

Other things I did this weekend that I wouldn’t reccomend nearly as much: cleaning the basement, getting rid of old furniture, unpacking. Stick to the fun stuff people!

What is your favorite way to spend a snowy (or cold) weekend?


Saturday 10th of November 2012

Sounds like fun! Unfortunately it's a busy weekend with multiple birthday parties for us. I always find sledding scary too, but have calmed down a bit since getting the boys snow helmets last year. :)

Andrea Hennel

Saturday 10th of November 2012

So far today in addition to playing we've baked cookies too, painted, made Christmas crafts using foam sheets and foam Christmas themed stickers, played dress up and did sticker dolly dressing creations. Feeling a little stir crazy we didn't get outside today but with 4 month old twins not always easy in this weather :). We are totally going to try the glue window clings- haven't made those since I was a kid.