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Funky Design, Fantastic Food and Impressive Service at Luna2 in Seminyak Bali

Bali is a land full of culture that hasn’t changed over many, many generations. Everywhere you look there are temples and rice paddies that make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. While most of our trip was spent in this world, our last few days we fast forwarded to the future at Luna2 Studiotel in Seminyak Bali.

You see, Luna2 could be in South Beach instead of in Bali. The hotel is all about retro futurism which is basically what someone living in the 1960s might think the future would look like. Sound intriguing? It is and it is super fun and funky. While definitely not a budget option, Luna2 is an amazing place to visit with your family. In fact, Evan has asked if we can move to Bali and live there.

The Studios

Our Gorgeous Luna2 Suite Seminyak Bali

Luna2 Studiotel is made up of 14 spacious studios each have one of four color schemes. The color scheme and retro futurism theme is executed flawlessly in the giant space. Each studio also has it’s own patio overlooking the pool and fully stocked kitchenette. An iPad with Luna2 information and an iPod full of music on a Bose sound dock completed the room. They even supplied us with an additional bed for Evan.

Instead of room numbers, the rooms are named after areas in London. We stayed in the Picadilly on One studio that was decorated in shades of yellow, grey and black. It was the most spacious and luxurious place we stayed in Bali. We loved that it had enough room that each of us could do our own thing without being on top of one another. Some cool features: A small TV with wireless headphones, a DVD player, a fully stocked minibar and a television you can watch in the tub.

Funky Art and Design Inside Luna2

Fun and Funky Art and Design at Luna2 Seminyak Bali

I am NOT a design person but I know what I love when I see it. Everywhere you look in Luna2, you can see the attention to detail. From the little yellow bunny hanger in the shower to the pop art in the lobby and restaurant. In fact, all of the hallways are done up in a Monopoly theme. On one end of our hall there was a giant thimble and at the other end, a top hat. I personally loved the smiley ball in the lobby.

The Pool

The super cool Luna2 Pool Seminyak Bali

The pool at Luna2 is one of my favorite areas. Since there are only 14 rooms, even when the studiotel is full, there is lots of room around the pool. There are both covered dual loungers and sunbathing chairs. We had no issues finding either the entire time we were there. At each spot there was an “button of joy” where you pressed a button and a pool waiter appeared to take your drink order. While much of the pool is quite deep, it isn’t that wide so it makes it easier for kids to swim in. In the deep end, there is even a window that goes through to the basement nightclub. In the pic above, you will see white covers on the loungers. The afternoon was threatening rain so the staff covered them to make sure they would be dry when the sun returned.

The Beach

Seminyak Bali Beach

Seminyak Beach is mere steps from Luna2. You walk down a little walkway and boom you are there. We’ve heard that the beach can be a bit trashy at times from refuse coming in from the ocean but we found it to be beautiful. Yes, it is a bit dirtier than a beach in Florida but that is to be expected. We thoroughly enjoyed all our walks along the shore. Evan especially loved jumping the waves as they rolled in. I loved looking at all the shells that washed up every morning.

Walkway to Seminyak Beach in Bali

The sand on Seminyak beach is a cross between black sand and white sand. It has a bit of both. It also sticks to your feet like glue and is hot as hades when the sun is bright. In short….we loved it.

The Food

Fun and Delicious Breakfast at Luna2 Studiotel in Seminyak Bali

We purchased the breakfast included option when we booked our rooms at Luna2. I am not a huge fan of dining inside hotels because there is so much world out there to explore, but eating breakfast in can be a real lifesaver. Evan and I both tend to get HANGRY so it is best to feed us as soon as possible after waking up. Luna2 has a small (but exquisite) buffet set up every morning with a selection of pastries, muffins, fruit and cereal. With the free breakfast you get to eat from the buffet, order one of their a la carte items, have unlimited coffee (even lattes and flat whites!) and order one of their fresh juices. The breakfasts we had at Luna2 were, hands down, the best we had in Bali. While Evan preferred some of the other buffets (because he is a kid. Even though they made his plates in to fun faces.), Dewey and I really appreciated the fantastic coffees (thank you Febri) and the impeccable quality of the food. My favorites were the perfectly poached eggs and toast smeared with onion marmalade. Oh and the mushrooms. Yum!

The Amenities

Mimosas and Sunset at Luna2 in Seminyak Bali

While at Luna2, Evan got to hang out with their in house nanny, Ayu, while we ran into town to do a bit of shopping. She was also available if we decided to go out for dinner by ourselves. We never took advantage of this option but it was amazing to have the option.

Luna2 also has a rooftop bar where you can get a breathtaking view of the sunset over Seminyak Beach (see above). They also have a nightclub and a mini theatre in the basement of Luna2. We never got to take advantage of the nightclub (the sun and heat of Bali had us crashing at 10 pm or earlier every night). We did watch part of Boxtrolls in the theatre though. They show three movies per day for everyone but they also show movies for the children staying with the in-house nanny earlier in the day. Fully reclining chairs and a full bar menu make the theatre a fun place to escape the Bali heat.

Luna2 also has extensive mini bars in each room and the option for in-room spa treatments (though we didn’t indulge in either).

The Service

The best part of Luna2 is the service. Every single person working at Luna2 is more than happy to help you with anything you require. They helped us get in to every restaurant we decided to dine in…even if online it said they were full. Each morning Arif made our breakfasts special. One day, he even folded a menu into a frog for Evan. We felt we were friends instead of guests.

Evan and his frog at Luna2 Studiotel in Seminyak Bali

Things to Know:

  • Luna2 is small so in busy times it can book up fast. If you have a request, let them know when you book for the best chance that they will be able to accommodate you.
  • Luna2 is a bit off the beaten path in Seminyak. Make sure you know the name of the street they are on or carry a map with you so that your taxi can get you back to the hotel.
  • If you aren’t sure how to get somewhere…ask. Walking to the main shopping drag is easy if you know the way.

jalan sarinande no 20
seminyak 80361
t +(62) 361 730 402

Disclosure: We paid full price for our stay at Luna2. I decided to write about them because I thought you would love them as much as I do. 

Luna2 Studiotel Seminyak Bali






Sunday 22nd of February 2015

Well, now I need to remodel my bathroom. I love the yellow bunny hanger and tile!

Merry Kuchle

Sunday 22nd of February 2015

I love that little bunny! I never would have thought to use yellow so prominently in a bathroom but it totally works. I loved the entire design of Luna2. So fun, bright and gorgeous.