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Great Grill Recipes

Great Grill Recipes

One of my favorite parts of summer is having dinner without heating up the kitchen. Ever since I learned how to light our grill without the fear of losing my eyebrows, I have been grilling up a storm. Grilled steaks are my absolute favorite but we can’t have steak every day so I’ve tried to branch out a little. Check out these great grill recipes!

Appetizer and Salad Grill Recipes

Grilled Mushrooms

Everyone loves stuffed mushrooms. Try these easy peasy stuffed mushrooms made on the grill. Just be careful when you bite into them because they are a bit like molten lava when they come off the grill.

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Something about grilling vegetables makes them so much tastier. Veggies get sweeter and the crispy burned bits add a new flavor that raw veggies just don’t have. Try this great Grilled Vegetable Salad from

Jalapeno Poppers

My favorite grilled appetizer of all time is a jalapeño popper. Cream cheese, bacon and jalapeños come together into the best food ever. It has all the food groups…..bacon (isn’t that a food group?)….cream cheese is dairy and jalapeños are vegetable. It is the perfect food. Make extra!

Grilled Main Dishes


Chicken is one of the most versatile, economical and tasty meats. Wrap it in bacon and you take it to a whole other level. Try this Bacon-Wrapped Planked Whiskey Chicken recipe from Maija Moments for bacony, chicken goodness. Yum!

Sardinian Kabobs

Want something that you can cook on the barbecue that doesn’t TASTE barbecued? Try these Sardinian Kabobs over couscous.

inside out hamburgers

Grilled hamburgers are so yummy and extra easy. Want to make them even better? Try this great recipe for inside out cheeseburgers from Maija Moments. I think these are on the menu this weekend. So good!

Honey Grilled Chicken and Shrimp

Want something ooey gooey sticky so you can lick your fingers? Try this Honey Grilled Chicken and Shrimp. Delish!

Grilled Side Dishes

Mushrooms 3

Mushrooms are definitely one of my favorite vegetables….though do they really count? Is fungus a vegetable? Regardless, I will count them in the “vegetable” category and dare you to make these and not eat them all in one sitting because holy yum….Grilled Balsamic and White Wine Mushrooms.

Potatoes 2

Barbecue sliced potatoes are the perfect accompaniment for a big bbq cookout.

Grilled Breakfast


Okay, okay, okay. It’s not really on the grill BUT often when you are grilling there is a campfire around. I bet you could also put this on the bbq and make it work as well. I love the idea of making bannock with the kids and explaining where it came from.

Want something to serve for breakfast that will easily serve a crowd? Try this grilled breakfast casserole! It’s full of eggs, cheese, sausage and potatoes. YUM!

Great Grill Recipes

What are your favorite grill recipes?