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Camping Should Not Include a Cast

After two weeks of constant travel, I am finally home again!  I am so happy to be in my own house and my own bed.  I promise that I will be blogging more about my trip to Alabama and my volunteering.  It was a great trip and it really opened my eyes about giving (in both good and bad ways).

More recently, though, we were on our first camping trip of 2011.  It was our yearly trek to Dinosaur Trail campground in Drumheller, AB.  We’ve been there the last 4 or 5 years.  We had 9 families this year and a whole herd of kids.  The weather was beautiful on Saturday and then it rained all day Sunday and Monday.  Due to the wildfires in Northern Alberta, the provincial government decided to ban all fires throughout the province (even in the rain).  It made for quite a damp & cool camping trip!

Unfortunately, though, our temperature issues weren’t the worst part of the fire ban.  Since there was no fire in the fire pit on our group site, we kind of ignored it.  The kids played around it’s central locale and we honestly didn’t think too much about it….


Evan fell in it head first.  I heard screaming and I turned around to see his little rubber boots flailing in the air.  Our friend, Barry, was right there to pull him out but he kept screaming.  I could tell something was wrong because he’s usually pretty tough.  His right hand was quite floppy and he was screaming “Mine hand, mine hand!!!!”  I asked him to move it and he used his left hand to move it.  I screamed for Dewey and ran holding Evan to where he was.  We quickly decided to take him to the ER to get it checked out.  He continued crying/screaming the whole way there and told Dewey to “Drive really quick, Daddy!”

Thankfully, Drumheller has a hospital and they weren’t very busy.  The only hiccup was when we first got there because you ring a bell for them to come see you.  We rang and no one came for a while.  A lady in the waiting room actually went back and found someone for us.  After the x-rays they figured out he had a buckle fracture of both his radius and ulna.  Thankfully it was aligned properly so they didn’t have to move it around.  See the bulges right below his wrist? Those are fractures (Dewey took a pic of the x-ray with his phone).

We got in, x-rayed, casted & back out in 2 hours.  That would be unheard of in Calgary.  Evan now has a bright red cast that comes above his elbow.  He has shown an amazing ability to modify his actions so that he can still do most things even with a cast on his dominant hand.

Evan sporting a cast

So all is well in the end but I truly think this took at least a year off my life. He scared the hell out of me and I would love to wrap him in shrink wrap going forward. I won’t but I’d like to.

I know that in the whole scheme of things a fractured wrist is small potatoes so has your little one ever hurt themselves & scared the heck out of you?


Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Oh no...poor little guy. Yep, that would scare the heck out of me too. The worst that's happened around here is a febrile seizure. My oldest, who was 11 months when it happened, had a febrile seizure at home. It scared us to death. We called the ambulance and went to The Children's. Apparently, these seizures are quite common...but still, I'll never forget it. Oh...and then my middle child busted his tooth when he was 1 1/2. Since then, we call him "can opener"!


Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Oh so sorry! hope he feels better soon...although he seems of pretty good spirits. my heart flipped for you just reading the story! thankfully, no big injuries here so far -- despite the fact that all 3 of my children think they are either flying monkeys, or trapeze artists. I don't know how they haven't killed themselves yet. Just today the 19 mos. old was standing on the toilet seat, trying to climb onto the vanity and fell head first into the garbage pail. Luckily there was a dirty diaper in there that gave her a soft landing. I attribute every single one of my gray hairs to all their "near-misses." They each owe me about 4 spa days when they get older.


Tuesday 24th of May 2011

My youngest got the top of her finger taken off when someone shut the door (it was in the jam at the time!) and then a year and a half later took the her finger print off on the lid of a can that was lined up on the back of the sink. Both were awful experiences but fortunately little ones heal fast and she was able to have everything sew back on. The wait time, even in the city, is way better when they know what it is and how to fix it. It's the things like internal pain that take forever.


Tuesday 24th of May 2011

oh my god! poor guy. the sight a floppy arm must have been terrible. i guess it was ablessing to have it happen in drumheller. 2 hours is incredible. that would have been a days worth of waiting here in ottawa. i'm glad it turned out as well as it could (without it happening at all!) and that evan is adapting. now i grant you patience to listen to "mommy, can you please take this cast off" for the few weeks! ;-)

welcome home.

Rachael (Tales from the Village)

Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Ooh, that sounds really scary. Also, 2 hours in and out would never happen over here in England, so I'm guessing Calgary won't be too much of a shock for me!

We've had some real horrors with my four - one fell over and bumped his head and stopped breathing, one woke up and thought she couldn't move (that was scary - turns out she had a frozen neck muscle!), one (that'll be the same one - it's always him!) fell over and cut his head open, oh yes and then a few weeks later he fell over and knocked his teeth through his lip (more blood!).