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Gifts for Plant Lovers – Over 100 to Choose From!

Over the last few years, I have turned into a hardcore plant hoarder. Yep, “plant lover” is now a firm part of my biography. I just love being able to buy a plant and keep it without killing it. I celebrate every bit of growth and every new unfurling leaf. My family thinks I’m crazy but they are more than willing to feed my obsession. Here is a list of great gifts for plant lovers that is also a list of great gifts for Merry. Win/win!

Now, as you know, I am all about supporting local. I will ALWAYS tell you that it is better to buy your houseplants locally so you can get advice in person.

I spend many hours in my neighbourhood plant store, Earthy Accents. A relationship with your florist is worth its weight in gold if you want to keep your plants alive. However, I know that is not always possible and shipping a gift is often needed. So, shop local when you can and when you can’t, here are some awesome gift ideas.

100+ Gifts for Plant Lovers

Love plants? Have a loved one who does? Here are 100+ gifts that plant lovers will love!

Give Them Plants!

You know they love them so why not gift them?

Gifts For Their Plants

Gifts that they can use with their plants.

Plant Themed Gifts (other than mugs)

Shows their plant love but isn't FOR their plants.

Plant Books!

From plant instructions to coloring books.

Plant Themed Mugs & Tumblers

Plant love mugs and tumblers for your coffee and wine.

Plant Themed Clothing & Jewelry

Let them show their plant lover status loud and proud.

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