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7 Unique & Thoughtful Gifts for Travellers

Travelling full time the last few months has really given me a clear view of what I need and what I don’t. There are things that I bought that I just KNEW I would use every day that I haven’t used once. Then there are things that I never realized I needed but now I couldn’t live without. Some of these would make great gifts for travellers on your list. Please note: The links below are affiliate links. If you buy through them, I will make a small percentage of the sale without it affecting the price you pay. 

Spot tracker

The Spot Gen 3 GPS tracker was something that I NEVER thought I needed or wanted. Honestly, it is not really for the traveler at all. It is for those that love the traveler. Dewey hated that I was often in areas without cell service and he couldn’t be sure where I was or if we were safe. We bought the Spot Gen 3 early on and it has put his mind at ease. You have to pay a monthly fee but it will report your GPS cooridinates at a time interval of your choosing. It only reports once you are moving.  There is also an SOS button you can push in case of an emergency that will send emergency responders to your location.

Solar Battery Pack

When I am on the road, I am constantly stressing about how much charge my phone has and whether or not I have internet. I have a portable battery pack but I never, ever, remember to charge it. I have my eye on this solar charger & battery pack because it has a back up if you are forgetful like me. Plus it holds lots of charge (24000mAh) so it will fill up your phone no problem!

Packing cubes are another thing that is on my list. I NEED them. Clothes are a constant source of consternation for me. We have passed through many, many different temperature zones so we have lots of all kinds of clothes. Many of my traveler friends swear by camping cubes for keeping everything organized while you are on the road. Sign me up!

Always Online Wireless

Finding free wifi SEEMS like it will be easy when you are on the road but it isn’t always that easy. Instead of taking a chance, get a travel data SIM card like this one from Always Online Wireless. You pick the plan that works for you and it goes on to your phone for 15 days. No overages, just the data you need. Need more? Just buy another plan.  They have plans for over 90 different countries. Buy one SIM and then just add the plan you need for the country you are visiting. Easy peasy! (This link is not an affiliate link but I do work with Always Online Wireless while on my trip. All opinions are my own.)

Okay, okay…this is not a NEED but I love fun and inexpensive jewelry that I can wear while traveling. I don’t want to risk losing my nice stuff when I’m on the road. This traveler bracelet fits the bill perfectly and it’s tiny to pack.

Travellers Journal

Have you ever heard that joke “If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” Well, the same is true for travellers. If a traveller goes somewhere awesome and doesn’t write about it, did it actually happen? Let’s not chance it! Check out these handmade (and gorgeous) leather travel jornals. I want one, don’t you?

Travel bulletin board

Have a friend with serious wander lust? They will LOVE this gorgeous world map bulletin board where they can show their travels off. I may order one of these for myself!

What are your favourite gifts for travellers on your list?

7 Unique & Thoughtful Gifts for Travellers