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Back to School Checklist of Things to Do Now to Prepare!

Back to School Checklist of Things to Do Now to Prepare!

I know, I know, summer just started (or will be next week for us) but the kids will be going back to school before you know it. Every year I put everything off and then I’m fighting with everyone and their brother to get things done before the first day of school. Don’t be like me, instead get this back to school checklist done NOW and you can enjoy those last few weeks of summer angst-free.

Back to School Checklist – 9 Things to Do NOW for Going Back to School in the Fall!

  • Book an optometrist appointment – Even if you THINK your kid has great vision, it is best to make sure before they start the new school year. I now buy all of Evan’s glasses at Zenni. They are cute, come in fun colors and are inexpensive. That way I can buy two pairs for less than one pair at the optometrist. It is great because he often breaks a pair and we have a back up on-hand instead of having to order new ones and wait for them arrive.
  • Book a dentist appointment – Raise your hand if you have laxed off on the every six month teeth cleaning. *hand raised* I need to get back on that and the dentist office will be crazy right before going back to school. Book it now and you won’t have to go again until the new year.
  • Shop the summer sales – Do your kids have a go to snack that they like in their lunches? If they go on sale this summer, grab them and store them. Just remember to check the expiration dates and don’t forget where you put them!
Prepare for going back to school
  • Consider a well kid doctor’s visit – If your kid hasn’t visited their doctor in a few years, it might make sense to take them in for a check up. It’s also a good time to make sure they are caught up on their vaccination schedule.
  • Buy winter gear – I know this isn’t something EVERYONE has to think about but you do in Alberta. We have awful winters and once the snow hits, everything is sold out. Rumor has it that snow suits are at Costco NOW. Also, I buy multiple pairs of the same gloves/mittens. That way if one gets lost you have options. Unless your kid loses all the left gloves…which happens.
  • Get reading – It is hard to keep up good habits during the summer but don’t let reading fall by the wayside. Having a good reading routine will make getting back into the back to school routine much easier. Want to try out audiobooks while you are on the road this summer? Sign up for Audible on Prime Day and get try Audible and get 2 free audiobooks.
  • Start back to school clothes shopping – I do not buy all new clothes in the fall. I buy what we need when we need it BUT there is always something on the list to buy. The thing I usually forget is shoes. In Canada we are required to provide indoor and outdoor shoes. I buy them a bit big so they will still fit but it is much easier to find shoes now than in September.
  • Gather school supplies – September can get expensive. School supplies don’t change with the season. Start buying those notebooks and backpacks now!
  • Come up with a lunch making plan – I need to do this for the fall. Evan will be packing his own this year. Now to figure out how to organize it so he can do that and still have a healthy lunch. Packing your kids lunches? Here are some non-sandwich lunch ideas for you.

Get our back to school checklist done and you will be excited for Fall without the worry. It’s worth it to do it NOW!

back to school checklist to prepare for Fall
back to school checklist