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Halloween Home Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner. While the little ones are picking out their costumes and drifting off to sleep with visions of Halloween candy dancing in their heads, the adults are out picking out what candy they will hand out at the door. Candy is dandy but make sure you are taking the proper steps to make sure you and your visitors are safe. Never fear, we have some Halloween Home Safety Tips to consider.

While many people are obsessing over the little details, it is important that we also remember that safety is the number one priority. While we anticipate seeing the little ghost and goblins at our doors, we also need to ensure that it is safe for them!

Home Safety Tips for Halloween

Don’t Trip

Make sure that you check your property for hazards that can cause a trip or fall. You don’t want one of the little ones tripping and falling while on your property. Do a walk around the day before Halloween to ensure that there are no loose toys, tools, hoses or extensions cords. These are all tripping hazards.

Halloween Safety Tips

Light up Your Life

Although leaving your property in the dark can be a more “spooky” Halloween experience, it is important to ensure that you light up your house. Turn on your outside lights and illuminate walkways etc. This can not only prevent a trick or treater from falling, but it can also signal to them that you have candy to give out.

Lock it up

If you aren’t going to be home to hand out candy on Halloween, it is important to ensure that your home is safe and secure. Turn off the lights outside so people know you will not be handing out candy this year and ensure that you lock all your doors and windows.

halloween home safety tips

Put out the Flame

Instead of using candles inside your pumpkins, use safer alternatives such as battery operated lights or glow sticks. This helps to prevent the risk of fire. Plus, if you forget to check your pumpkins at the end of the night you’ve eliminated the fire hazard so you can sleep easy!

Halloween may be frightening, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Keep your family and Trick-or-treaters safe this year and have a Spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween Home Safety Tips

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