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Happy Make Your Dreams a Reality Day!


Before you ask…NO, living in the arctic north is not my dream. However, getting to walk in the snow to get my little rugrat from school every day IS. I love our talks on the way home even though it often sounds like this:

Evan – Mom? Did you know that on Minecraft you can build a ?????? and then ???? will come and ???? (Sorry I should explain that I don’t really listen after the word Mincraft is uttered)

Me – No, I didn’t know that. So cool!

Evan – Actually, Mom, that isn’t really that cool. It’s actually pretty annoying.

Me – Hurry up! We need to cross the street.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? It should because it is pretty fun. Plus I know so many of the moms at school now (which I never did before) and I can check in with Evan’s teacher every afternoon to see how the day went (today went really well, thanks for asking).

Since I haven’t vlogged in a while (NO WordPress…I do NOT mean clogged), I decided to talk a bit about figuring out what your dream is and going for it. I also learned that I say awesome way, way too much. Sorry.

In the video, I mention my friend Catherine from The Dabels Divulge. She is awesome and she is currently making her dreams a reality by going back to school to get her communications degree.  She also blogs about going back and some of the great convos she is part of like whether choosing motherhood when you have a degree is a viable choice.  If you are wondering, the answer is YES it is and you should totally read her post because it is AWESOME! See there I go again with the awesome. Yeesh.

Catherine Dabels

Monday 13th of January 2014

Thanks for the shout out. You are awesome!! (Said with an Alabama twang).

Also, you haven't cut your hair in a year?


Monday 13th of January 2014

Well of course I've cut MY HAIR but I'm sure there are people who haven't. Okay...I'lll admit it. This was my second take because I accidentally erased the first one in a tragic iMovie incident so my example wasn't nearly as good.