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Have a Happy Thanksgiving with these Hosting Tips (w/Free Printables)

Hosting Thanksgiving every year can be an amazing tradition! While it can be something that you look forward to, it can also be stressful. There is so much preparation that goes into hosting a big family gathering like Thanksgiving and it can feel overwhelming and exhausting. If you find yourself spending days cooking, cleaning and decorating, when the big day comes you may find you aren’t even hungry and just want everyone to go home. This year, take the stress out of hosting Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the wonderful meals and traditions with the rest of your family and friends.

Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Take Offered Help

If someone asks what they can do or bring to help, don’t say “Nothing”. It can be easy to fall into this routine where you think you need to do it all and be the hostess with the mostest. You can still be an excellent host while accepting offered help! Plus Thanksgiving is all about sharing the day with others…this can also mean sharing a Thanksgiving dish they love. If someone offers to help with the dishes after dinner, take them up on it. Teamwork can make the tasks go by faster and then you can enjoy after dinner conversation instead of standing at the sink all night.

Make Detailed Lists

Write out a list for everything. Create a Menu of the food you will be cooking and then create a shopping list from that. Write out all the things you want to use for décor and where you can find them. Write out a chores list for everyone in your household. There are plenty of task that every member of the family can complete before the big day arrives.

Download my Thanksgiving Menu Printable below (click the picture):

Thanksgiving Menu

Download my Thanksgiving Shopping List Printable below (click the picture):

Thanksgiving Shopping List

Plan Ahead

Do all the food prep that is possible prior to the big day. Side dishes and casseroles can be put in the fridge and then reheated when ready to be eaten. Instead of trying to cram all the cooking, cleaning and decorating into one day, spread your tasks out over time.


Don’t go overboard with the Menu or the décor. Less is more!  Remember, less décor and food also means less dishes and clean up. In fact, instead of the fancy china, you can use themed paper plates and disposable utensils. You will already have enough to do without the mountain of dinner dishes. Family and friends are there to celebrate being together NOT to judge your decorating or plate choice.

Don’t forget to have something to keep the kids busy. Download my free Thanksgiving coloring sheet below (click the picture)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t Stress

Take deep breaths. Remember the saying: “Whatever will be, will be.” Take your hosting tasks one step at a time and remember to take breaks when you feel you need one. Oh and don’t forget to look in the refrigerator. If I had a dollar for every time I found a salad or the cranberry sauce after dinner was over…..

Hosting Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. In fact, with all the hard work you put in, you deserve to have fun too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with these Hosting Tips (wFree Printables)

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