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Why You Should Head To ROAM 2016 May 12-13 in Vancouver!

Why You Should Head To ROAM 2016 May 12-13 in Vancouver!

The social media and blogging world is awash with conferences. I totally get it. I have gone to tons of them BlogHer, Blissdom Canada, BlogWest, Mom2.0 and ROAM. There were things that most of them had in common: blogging focus, huge exhibit hall full of brands that you could connect with, loads of attendees, sometimes even lavish parties. One conference that doesn’t fit into those categories is ROAM.

ROAM was started just last year by Blissdom Canada. It’s mandate? To be a totally different conference for people in the social media biz or using social media for their biz. It also had a huge focus on entrepreneurs. Oh and it was small. Tiny even. And nary an exhibit hall in sight.

So does that mean it wasn’t useful? Hell no. In fact, it was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to because I actually LEARNED. Without the exhibit hall pulling me away from the sessions like a bright and shiny object, I focused on what I could learn from my time there. I sat in a circle with my fellow attendees listening, asking questions and participating like no other conference I’ve attended.

We also went on walk about a lot (and if you know me, you know I love walking). Instead of sitting in one room all day, we traveled around to local partners to learn in situ. We talked Pinterest at a local eatery, we talked YouTube at a winery and we talked FB at a bakery. My brain was engaged and I learned more than I thought possible. No power point coma around here!

Oh and with so few people there, you had the time to really bond with everyone in attendance. No cliques that you feel on the outside of here.

Last year ROAM was in Kelowna, BC and this year it is roaming a bit down the road to Vancouver. I can’t wait to see what an urban setting will add to the conference.

So, is ROAM for you? Well, if you use social media in your business or exist in the social media space? Yep, it’s for you. Here’s Jen Powell, head of Blissdom Canada answering just that question:

And here are my super excited ramblings after last year’s conference:

Convinced? Well you are in luck. There is a flash sale on tickets until midnight tonight. Buy here until then.

After that, early bird pricing has been extended through Sunday night. Buy through my affiliate code here

Don’t forget to also follow ROAM on Facebook and Twitter!

I truly hope to see you there!