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Teaching Kids Teamwork With Pokemon Go

Teaching Kids Teamwork With Pokemon Go

Calling all Pokemon Trainers! It’s time to embark on a fascinating new journey where you grow in skill, gain new insight into the world of Pokemon, and learn the most important lesson of all – the value of teamwork. Yes, I said, “Teamwork”.

This amazing and fun new app called Pokemon Go by Niantic is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds with fans scanning the entire globe! The one important element they all need to learn to incorporate into their Pokemon Go adventures is not to just reach for becoming a Pokemon Go Master by themselves. Be more like Ash Ketchum, who had his friends come tag along and utilized teamwork to accomplish their goals! Ash learned during his own adventures in the Pokemon TV series that you can have even more fun together with friends. They learned the value of teamwork and companionship along the way. This also holds true for staying safe while playing – as the saying goes, “there is safety in numbers”.

Being a Team player has a whole new meaning when it comes to the Pokemon Go app. Not only will every player soon be on a Team of their own (Team Mystic – blue, Team Valor – red, or Team Instinct – yellow) to support and stay loyal to throughout the life of the app, but there are also a variety of ways to assist others when traveling on adventures together. While searching for wild Pokemon, seeing them pop up and appear at a Poke Stop with a Lure on it, or when trying to assist each other while taking on a Gym in a battle, you can help your friends. 

Wild Pidgie

Searching For Wild Pokemon On Walks or By Car

It’s loads of fun to journey together with a buddy and go on long walks, hikes, or by car searching for wild Pokemon. The art of discovering wild Pokemon can be interesting to map out. If you adventure long enough, you can actually discover which major spots in your neighborhood, on your own block, or around your hometown are the best for discovering wild Pokemon. Some spots appear more prominent through the Google Maps system and seem to always have wild Pokemon appear there.

Learn Where Pokemon Appear

Invite your friends to come  adventure with you in your neighborhood. Amaze your friends with your Pokemon spotter skills by walking them towards the places you know are the hot spots in your area. You could even tell them to walk ahead of you to the corner up ahead to see a Pokemon appear. Watch their face as your prediction will most likely be correct, and they’ll get excited to find a new wild Pokemon to catch. This concept isn’t foolproof, but it works most of the time as the wild Pokemon appear in random intervals throughout the day and night at most of these hot spot locations.

Pokestop with a Lure

Announcing Pokemon Appearances At A Poke Stop With A Lure

There’s no doubt about it, hanging out near a Poke Stop to get the free Pokeballs, Potions, Berries, Eggs, and other items every five minutes is always fun whether alone or in a group. But when you are there at a Poke Stop with a Lure on it that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes to that exact location, it’s an entirely new and often thrilling experience!

Be your friend’s hero and offer to activate one of your Lure Modules on an empty Poke Stop (in a safe location for you to sit/stand at, or be sitting in your parked car at). During the 30 minutes while the Lure is active (you’ll see pink petals floating around the Poke Stop while active), each of you can offer to announce when a new wild Pokemon appears – especially the rare or hard to find ones! This way no one misses out on the “good” ones! Some Pokemon only appear briefly and may despawn quickly if you don’t click on them right away to engage in capturing them.

Gym Batlles

Assist Your Friends (No Matter Their Team) During Gym Battles

When entering into a Gym battle, your friends will be going up against powerful Trainers trying to defend that particular Gym. If you are on the same color Team, you can assist by going in and attacking it with them! Bring down the Gym together as a team. By doing so, you will most likely be able to get both your friend’s and your own Pokemon into the Gym under your new color once you defeat it. Now you can both be Defenders together for your Team’s Gym!

Even if you and your friends are on different Teams, you can still help them earn their Gold PokeCoin Defender Bonus by helping them get their Pokemon into a Gym. If you are currently able to take over a Gym with your Pokemon, put in one of your lowest CP Pokemon. Now your friend can go in and challenge your Gym with your low CP Pokemon and easily defeat it so they can change the Gym to their Team’s color and put one of their High CP Pokemon in as the new Defender. Make sure they grab their Gold PokeCoin bonus too.

How will you use teamwork to rule at Pokemon Go?

Teaching Teamwork with Pokemon Go