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Giant Pom Pom Spiders for DIY Halloween Decorations

Pom poms are really cute, but they normally take forever to make. I have an easy trick that make them super fast and easy enough for anyone to handle! Since it’s almost Halloween, I made some giant pom pom spiders as an easy, DIY Halloween decorations idea.

Cute, right? Here’s what you need:

  • Black yarn (Buy the roundest ball you can find – you want it as short and fat as possible.)
  • White yarn (Buy the cheapest kind you can find.)
  • Black pipcleaners (4 for each spider)
  • Scissors
  • Black and white felt
  • Glue gun

First, cut a length of yarn off your ball. Wrap it around the middle of the ball, and tie it as tight as you can. I’ve found it works best to tie a knot on one side, then flip the ball over, tighten your string even further, and tie another knot. It already looks sort of buggy!

Next, slide your scissors into the top and start snipping. You want to cut ALL the loops of yarn, so that they are just loose strings. Do this on both ends. You don’t have to be careful or neat – just jam the scissors in there and get ‘er done.

BUT keep track of the long string you tied around the middle – you’ll need it later, to hang your spider pom pom.

You should end up with something that looks like this:

Shelob needs a haircut. Again, don’t worry about being neat. Snip, snip, snip, snip those ends until your get something closer to a sphere.

Cut some eyeballs and fangs out of your black and white felt. Glue them on with the glue gun. I went for a friendly spider face because my kids are little, but you could definitely go creepier with this. You could even add some blood on the fangs!

All good spiders have lots of legs to creep you out with. Take two pipcleaners and fold them in half. Tie them onto the side of the spider, together, at the folded point (where I’m pinching them in this photo).

Some of your yarn might slide out when you try to tie the legs on. Just keep grabbing more little bits and tieing them in until the legs are secure. Repeat on the other side.

You can stop here if you like. The spiders look very nice nestled on a shelf. Run, She-Ra!

If you want to hang your spiders, grab your white yarn and cut a length of it to use as a web. Now take that long black string from the start and tie the white yarn to that. Because this string wraps all the way around the pom pom, it’s the most secure spot to hang a spider from.

If you lost that long black string, don’t worry. Just tie the white piece of yarn to several of the little black pieces in the pom pom, like you did with the legs. It will hold.
Now that you’re set for Halloween with your DIY Halloween decoratinons….if you want to make a less sinister giant pom pom, check out my colourful giant pom pom garland here!
Looking for more great Halloween DIY ideas? Head over to All Free Holiday Crafts and check out their 25 Halloween Recycling Crafts. They are great ideas and a great way to make Halloween a bit more green too.

Dawn McAlexander

Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

That is just too cute. Thanks for the step by step directions. You made it look so easy. :D