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Inexpensive Summer Fun at Home for Kids

Inexpensive Summer Fun at Home for Kids

Summer is almost here and so are the cries of “I’m BOOOOOORED!” While I love to go and do things during the summer, there are also a lot of days that we will be staying at home. Here are some ideas for inexpensive summer fun at home!

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
  • Bake cookies – It’s a snack, it’s an activity, it’s both! Nothing nips boredom in the bud like yummy cookies. Try these chocolate chip cookies. They are awesome!
  • Go to the Library – Ok. This isn’t exactly at home but it will give you lots to do at home once you’ve been. Let your kids’ imagination be your guide. Check out a few graphic novels, some books to read aloud and maybe a few books on something they are interested in. Having a pile of books to browse through (and read/take in alone) is a great way to combat boredom. Short on time? Many libraries have grab and go book bags already packed up and sorted by age.
Easy Window Cling Craft
Inexpensive Summer Fun at Home - Sprinkler
  • Run through the sprinkler – All the water fun without the “fight” aspect. Plus your lawn gets a welcome drink of water too.  Plus you can use a regular sprinkler or buy a fun kid themed one.
  • Gardening – Let the kids plant a selection of flowers or herbs and watch them grow. Want to be a bit more involved? Check out this book on hands on gardening experiments. If you are a bit late to the outdoor growing game, check out a mushroom growing kit. All the fun without worrying about the growing season.
  • Have a picnic – Who said you have to go somewhere to have a picnic? Pack your lunch and enjoy it on your lawn! When Evan was younger, this was one of our favourite activities.
  • Paint Rocks – Evan started painting rocks when we were in Florida. He loves giving them as gifts. Use paints you have around the house or buy a rock painting kit.
  • Dress up and have a tea party – Let the kids dress up in your clothes and serve them tea and little sandwiches. You don’t need an expensive tea set! Want one? Keep an eye out at the thrift store for pretty tea cups. They’ll love it.
  • Go camping in the back yard – Nothing is more fun that sleeping in a tent…especially when your bed is only steps away if it starts raining.
Sidewalk Chalk Drawing
  • Sidewalk Chalk – There are so many new kinds of sidewalk chalk now. From sidewalk chalk paint to glitter chalk. Set a theme and make it a contest!
  • Explore the stars – Check out the stars on a clear night. Learn some of the easier constellations and get your kids to make up their own. Check out this easy constellations book for kids or a fun scratch and sketch constellation book.
  • Play board games – Stock up on new (or new to you) board games before summer hits. Some of our favorites are Ticket to Ride, Trouble , and Qwixx. I always make sure to keep an eye out for games when I visit a thrift store, book sale or yard sale. You can get some great deals!
  • Learn Origami – The art of paper folding can be fun and interesting. You can buy an origami kit or just google instructions and use the paper you have.
  • Obstacle Course – Make your own obstacle course in the back yard and invite friends over to play.
  • Plan a neighborhood scavenger hunt – Let your kids help with the list and then you can all go out together (or by themselves if they are older). You can get some ideas from my Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt.
Inexpensive Summer Fun at Home for Kids

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Thursday 30th of September 2021

Summer activities like these are perfect for encouraging kids to have some indoor and outdoor fun. Thanks for sharing these ideas, I am sure kids would love them too!