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Kids Learning Through Touch Technology

Evan and his iPad

Once there was a boy who loved his iPad.

Evan has loved technology since he was a tiny tot. At 2, he would grab my iPod, swipe with his pudgy little finger and promptly delete 3 apps. He’s come a long way since then. These days he loves to watch YouTube videos, play games and read books on the iPad. I think it would be his favorite thing to play with in the house and it is all because of touch technology. If he needed to have a functional use of spelling, typing and mouse skills, he wouldn’t be able to use it nearly as much. Instead, a whole world of educational opportunity is just a touch, swipe or pinch away.  Fun learning games have taught him his letters (ABC Tracing App), counting (Alien Buddies App), cause and effect (Angry Birds and Where’s the Water) and much more. He has so much fun that he doesn’t even realize he’s learning.

I participated in a twitter party about Touch Technology hosted by London Drugs and I was amazed at all the items that use touch technology. Honestly, it has become so prevalent that I don’t even notice anymore….microwaves, phones, thermostats, cameras and even the new directories at the mall all have touch screens. The great news is that since it has become so main stream, the price has just kept going down. Lower price means more touch technology at our fingertips and in the hands of our children. Gone are the days where we kept tablets out of reach of our little ones because they might break them. Today, most children know how to operate a tablet before they know how to spell!

As you can see, we use many Apple products in our family like the iPad. Much of the reason behind that is the timing of when we bought the devices. Today Apple is far from the only game in town with many new Android devices appearing on scene. With an ever expanding palette of apps, these tablets have become a solid (and often less expensive) option (click on picture to see more information).

Ematic FunTab Mini

So, whether you are a diehard apple fan or you are willing to expand and look at another option, tablets are a great way to go for younger kids. Add a ruggedized case (unless it comes with a built in one like the tablet above) and a screen protector and you are good to go. Just make sure to do that BEFORE you let them know a tablet is in the house. Otherwise you are asking for trouble!

Disclosure: London Drugs has asked me to write about my experience with Touch Technology. London Drugs has a full array of computer and touch technology at their stores throughout Canada and Calgary. I have been compensated for this post and as always, all opinions are my own.