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Laundry…The Struggle Is Real

Laundry…The Struggle Is Real



Does anyone actually LIKE laundry? No? I didn’t think so. Laundry is the bane of my existence. The washing I can do. I put all our clothes (because there are a LOT of them) in the washer and turn it on. After that…it gets a little sketchy. More often than not they will end up in the dryer. Then they have a decent (but not great) chance of getting folded and put on top of the dryer.

Unfortunately, they have pretty much ZERO chance of being put away where the belong. Yep, I said it…ZERO.

So I am always looking for ways to make laundry less terrible. First I tried getting my family to do part of it and we all know how that went over (not at all). Then I kept looking. I’ve always scoffed at the laundry detergent pods. I just didn’t see the point (though I am a huge dishwasher soap pod user…why does my brain see a difference? We will never know).

Oxi Clean Tabs

Well, I got the chance to try OxyClean laundry detergent tabs. I love them. While I definitely have the ability to pour laundry detergent, pods are easier. There are no messy drips, no crusty and grody bottles, no over or under pours. Nope, just clean clothes with little effort. I just pitch a tab into the washer drum and turn it on. Yep, I am just that lazy. Plus the fresh scent makes our clothes smell amazing and the Oxi Clean gets them clean and white.

Oxi Clean Tab

I also really like that the Oxy Clean tabs look like cleaner. They aren’t brightly colored. They don’t look like candy. Now, you should totally keep them out of reach of the littles BUT I don’t see anyone confusing these with a gummy candy and I like that fact.

So why am I telling you this? I am a Church and Dwight ambassador and they sent me the Oxi Clean tabs to try. They also sent me a lot of other products. I promise to only tell you about the products that I think are awesometastic (though most from Church & Dwight are). I will be buying these tabs going forward and I thought you might want to try them to.

Happy laundering!