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Layered Sandwiches for a Crowd

Layered Sandwiches for a Crowd

In the past, entertaining always meant a dinner party or late afternoon barbecue. Having people over for lunch was never really a thing unless we were doing a barbecue. Fast forward to when we bought a cottage and now we often have guests needing to be fed at lunch time. I wasn’t really sure what to feed them since lunch is usually a fend for yourself sort of affair in my house. With 15 houseguests, that just wasn’t going to work.

Instead of racking my brain too hard, I headed to Facebook to ask my friends what they serve to guests. One suggestion was making layered sandwiches for a crowd. It sounded like a great idea to me and they turned out really well.

First, purchase a round loaf of sourdough bread and cut it in half. I pulled a bit of the bread inside out. (Next time I would remove a bit more).

Brush with Italian Dressing

Brush the inside of both bread halves with Italian salad dressing.

Layering the sandwiches

Next start layering your meats and cheeses. I used deli turkey, deli ham, salami and creamy havarti.

I then topped the cheese with jarred roasted red peppers that had been tossed in a bit of olive oil and garlic cloves. You could also use an olive tamponade. Place the top bread piece back on top and wrap tightly with aluminum foil. Refrigerate for 4 – 8 hours. Cut into 8 pieces. Place a toothpick in each piece to keep them from sliding around.

Serve. We served ours with sweet pickles and beef noodle soup. Delish!


Layered Sandwiches


Monday 28th of September 2015

Such a great idea, Merry! We don't have a gas grill right now, so this is a great option, especially when we are hosting. :)