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Life On the Road Update: There’s a Leak In the Boat!

One of Evan’s favourite jokes when we are at the grocery store is to grab a leek, put it in the cart and then dead pan “Mom, I think we have a leak in the cart”. Well, we did have a leak in Daisy and it wasn’t of the leafy green variety. Having something that needs repair while you are on the road is the pits!

A few months ago, I realized that the wood paneling in the back of the Shasta was discoloring. After a bit of investigation, I figured out that the window seal was swelling and that there was moisture all around the back section. Later, I also realized that everything in our ONE closet was damp too.

I know what you’re thinking “You have a leak…get it fixed…easy” Well, when you live in your trailer it isn’t that easy. It is where we eat, sleep and store all our stuff. As you know, I have anxiety so that reared its ugly head too. What if it took days and days to get fixed. I’d read many horror stories of travel trailers taken to dealerships which sat and sat waiting for parts or service time. What would we do? Where would we stay? GAH!

Oh, and we all know that I hate talking to people on the phone, right? Well, getting Daisy fixed meant making phone calls. Lots of phone calls. Plus, they weren’t really straight forward. While calling around, I came to realize that many RV dealerships in Florida don’t actually do warranty work. You will get a lot of reasons why depending on who you ask but it left me scratching my head.

Finally, after many, many phone calls and just as many emails, I knew where we were going to get Daisy fixed. I just had to figure out when. We pre-ordered all the things needed to fix Daisy so, in theory, the fix should be easy and painless. We drove an hour and a half to the RV dealership and dropped Daisy off. Now to figure out what to do for 4 or 5 hours.

I posted a video on my FB page about hanging out in Deland, FL. Have a watch. I am MUCH more funny on video.

Now we have a trailer without a leak (leafy green or otherwise) and we are settled into our happy little snowbird campground until the end of March. AND Evan got to go fishing and catch a butt ton of fish. But you know that because you watched the videio, right? If not…go watch it.

Evan caught a fish

Until then we are going to do ALL the Disney and relax. I would love to be on my way home but the ridiculous amount of snow in Calgary keeps that from happening. So until next time, a Disney picture for you!

Disney Magic

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Life On the Road Update There's a Leak In the Boat!


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Jaclyn Anne

Wednesday 7th of March 2018

It was good that Daisy was able to get fixed in a few hours, rather than a few days!! These are things that I never would have considered about living in an RV! PS- I hate talking on the phone as well and avoid it at all costs!

Merry Kuchle

Wednesday 7th of March 2018

I will do ANYTHING to keep from having to talk on the phone!