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Learn to Crochet Part 3: Single Crochet

Learn to Crochet Part 3: Single Crochet

So, you’ve bought your crochet supplies, and have learned how to slip knot and chain.

Today, we learn the single crochet! With this tutorial, you will be making a small single crochet swatch, that you can use as a nice little coaster after.

Single Crochet Tutorial

The basics of a single crochet are that you insert your hook into a stitch, yarn over your hook, pull back through the stitch. You will then have 2 loops on your hook, you then yarn over and pull through both loops on hook – stitch made. There are illustrations in the links I’ve provided below in the instructions.


  • Size I / 5.50mm crochet hook
  • Worsted weight (4) yarn of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


  • Slip knot your yarn onto your hook
  • Chain 16
  • Row 1 – In the back loop only, you will single crochet* into second chain from hook, and in each chain to the end for a total of 15 single crochets
  • Chain 1 and turn your work so the part you have chained/single crocheted is on the left side of your hook
  • Row 2 – single crochet into both top loops of each single crochet across, be sure to count at the end of each row so you have 15 single crochets
  • Rows 3-15 – repeat row 2
  • At the end of row 15 you will cut your yarn and pull it through the loop that was on the hook, this will create a knot
  • You can then take your yarn hook and sew in your ends

You’re done! You’ve just made your first single crochet project.

A simple yet pretty Single Crochet Coaster

To practice the single crochet, here are a few projects to try:

Need a refresher? Check out Learn to Crochet Part 1: Supplies and Learn to Crochet Part 2: Slip Knot and Chain.