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Learn to Crochet Part 2: Slip Knot and Chain

Excited to learn to crochet? Make sure you have all the supplies you need in our post Learn to Crochet Part 1: Supplies before you get started with this post.

Ready to learn to crochet? Yay! I hope you had chance to pick up all the supplies you needed. It’s so fun yarn shopping. (Though it can be quite addicting. You should see my yarn stash!)

Here we go.  *Note – instructions below are for right handed crocheting.

Step 1Slip knot your yarn to your hook.

Learn to Crochet

Step 2 – Holding your yarn.
• Wrap the yarn once around your pinky finger
• Pull under your other 3 fingers and over top your pointer finger
• Hold the slip knot with your middle finger and thumb

Learn to Crochet 2

Step 3 – Holding your hook.
• I find the most comfortable way to hold the hook is like a knife.

Step 4Chain stitch.
• “Yarn Over” – this is to put the yarn over top your hook
• Pull through the loop on your hook
• Continue! I want you to chain, chain, and chain some more. This will help you get your gauge steady. When you are chaining, don’t pull your yarn too tight. You should be able to pull through the loop on your hook quite smoothly. The loop size should be about the same size as the diameter of the widest part of the hook.

Your chain will be the foundation of your future projects which is why it is so important to master. Stay tuned for future posts on crochet stitches you need to learn to make your first crochet project!

Learning to Crochet Slip Knot and Chain