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Learning at Calgary’s Telus Spark

Evan at School

Thankfully I can report that Evan is doing MUCH better in school these days. However, every kid LOVES a field trip….especially if Mama gets to go too! Evan’s class got to go to school one day a few week’s ago at Calgary’s Telus Spark.

Learning at Telus Spark

The highlights of our visit were:

– Learning all about magnets in the afternoon classroom magnets session

– Going behind the scenes to see all the HVAC systems that heat and cool the Telus Spark building. It was very interesting to see all that goes in to keeping that big building cool and warm. It was interesting to hear how they reuse water so that they draw very little from the Calgary City water system. We even got to wear hard hats!

– Playing in the Creative Kids Museum. Evan LOVES the play structure and the water tables.

The not so great parts were:

– There were about 900 other kids there on the same day so it was a ZOO! Kids randomly follow anyone who walks in front of them so we did a lot of herding!

– Parts of the behinds the scene tour was a little over the heads of the first graders so they got a bit bored.

I would definitely suggest a trip to the Telus Spark if you live in Calgary. They have a mixture of temporary and permanent exhibits to check out.

More info here – Telus Spark


Katie Edwards

Tuesday 4th of February 2014

I love the science centre! The best part is the Creative Kids Museum on the main floor - everything upstairs is waaaay to advanced for my toddler so far. The crowds seem to be hit and miss!


Tuesday 4th of February 2014

The Creative Kids Museum is so awesome. After the field trip, we went back to the classroom and all the kids had to write what their favorite part was and they ALL said the Creative Kids Museum.