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LEGO Parties at Bricks 4 Kidz Calgary

Disclosure: This party was offered to Dana in exchange for a review. Dana from Calgary Playground Review had her son’s 6th birthday party at Bricks 4 Kidz, and it was awesome. If you have a Lego fan in the family, they will think this is the best thing EVER. Dana is visiting to tell us all about it!

My son turned 6 this year. When I asked him what kind of party he wanted, without hesitation he said he wanted a LEGO party. This was the first year we invited kids from school instead of friends and family. The thought of having a whole bunch of kids over to my house felt overwhelming, so having it at the Bricks 4 Kidz Creativity Centre was a no-brainer.


$350 for up to 10 guests at the Bricks 4 Kidz Creativity Centre. For an additional cost, you can upgrade to 15 or 20 guests. This includes invitations for your guests, a t-shirt for the birthday child, and all the activities below!

Bricks 4 Kidz also offers in-home parties starting at $225 [Editor’s Note: we know someome that had them come to a community centre! Brilliant!]. Here are all the Bricks 4 Kidz birthday party options. Looking for more in-home party options and vendors? We have those!

What You Get 

1) Exclusive use of the Creativity Centre for 120 minutes

The entire centre is yours, so there is no competing for space. This is nice if you have some parents who want to stay and hang out because there is plenty of room.

2) LEGO free play

There are 4 big tables with LEGO in the centre. When you first arrive, the kids do some free play with the LEGO. I think a lot of the kids would have been happy if they had just done that the whole time!

3) Custom birthday theme and model build

When you book a party, you can pick a theme and corresponding model build from a few options (such as Preschool Little Builders, Mining & Crafting, Race City, Space Conquest and Bricks 4 Girlz). Gordie picked Race City – the kids built a motorized car that could drive along the ground!

The kids each built their own car out of a little kit. It was a little bit challenging for some of the kids, but the party hosts were there to help with the tricky parts.

4) Minifigure build

The kids each got to build their own minifigure to take home. The kids loved customizing their very own figure.

5) Zipline model build and activity

Next, the kids built a zipline for their minifigures to run down. As you can see, this was a big hit.

6) Games and challenges

With any remaining time, the hosts will lead the kids in games or challenges. For our party they did a quick cake build and then held them up and said happy birthday to Gordie.

7) Use of the party room

At the end of the party, the hosts leave you to your own devices. You and your guests have 30 minutes in the party room for cake and presents. Bricks 4 Kidz supplies cups, napkins, plates, forks and tablecloths.

You can bring in your own cake and juice. If you want to serve food, you can order pizza through Bricks 4 Kidz at an additional cost (but keep in mind you only have 30 minutes – most of the party is spent playing).

If you’d like, they can also put on a LEGO movie (the kids were very exited about this).

What I Loved

The kids all had a great time at the party. The Bricks 4 Kidz hosts kept them engaged and were friendly and helpful. For the most part I got to sit back and just watch the kids have fun – my kind of party.

At the end of the party, all of the kids were begging to stay and play some more! Gordie was thrilled. He said that the best part was the zipline, and that next year he wants to do his party exactly the same way.

Thank you, Dana! And thank you to Bricks 4 Kidz for hosting us!

Lego Parties at Bricks 4 Kidz Calgary

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