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7 Thrifty Tips for a Less Expensive Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Dinner - Merry About Town

Thanksgiving is right around the corner for my Canadian friends and not *that* far away for my US friends. Thanksgiving is all about food, family and being thankful for the blessings in our lives. Part of being thankful is being happy with what we have right at this very moment and not always wishing we had more. Sometimes remembering that can be hard especially if money is tight. Here are some of my favorite tips for a less expensive Thanksgiving feast (and yes, this post is sponsored by our friends at No Frills so I will be using pictures from their stores in my examples but many of the tips are universally applicable).

Find Your Best Deals at No Frills - Merry About Town

1. Before you hit the store, check out the flier, download your PC Points Offers (now available at No Frills as well!) and make a list. Give yourself a little wiggle room if you want to take full advantage of sales.

Save Money By Using In Season Veggies -Merry About Town

2. Make traditional Thanksgiving favourites from inexpensive, in season vegetables. If you are yelling “Turnips? No way!” then check out my recipe for Turnip Puff. It is amazing. Turnip haters have been turned in to turnip lovers with this recipe. Sweet potatoes are another delicious and easy side dish. Just bake them, peel, cut in to chunks and sprinkle with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. Yum!

Don't forget the pumpkin pie - Merry About Town

You can’t forget the pumpkin pie!

3. Use store brand products especially for canned veggies or fruit. You likely won’t tell the difference and you will usually save money (one caveat…if name brands are on sale they are sometimes cheaper). If a store brand isn’t available make sure to check the prices per item (or per weight) to choose. Also, I don’t really consider President’s Choice to be a “store brand” because I love their products. I find them to be very high quality in most cases.

4. Shop by yourself. It may sound mean but taking your children or significant other to the store with you almost always means that you spend more money.

Turkey - Merry About Town

5. Be flexible and know what is important to you. If you present your roasted turkey at Thanksgiving and carve it at the table, having a pristine turkey will be important to you. If you carve it in the kitchen then maybe not. The prices between a President’s Choice turkey and a utility turkey (where pieces like a wing may be missing) are $1 per pound different. If you are feeding a crowd that can really add up.

6. Having a crowd over? Make it a potluck. This one can be hard for me because I love to cook food MY WAY but it can make for a more relaxed (and less expensive) day.

7. Don’t forget to use those PC Points you’ve built up! Nothing beats free so use those points to bring down your grocery total.

Most importantly, look around and be thankful for your family and friends. Whatever you end up making for Thanksgiving will be secondary to the time you share with them.

Want more recipe ideas for a delicious Thanksgiving? Give these a try: Deliciously Simple Layered Salad, Homemade Chunky Cranberry Sauce, Southern Cornbread Stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Loblaw. All recipes, opinions and savings (woo hoo PC Points) are my own.

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Tuesday 7th of October 2014

Potluck all the way! And I totally agree about the PC brand. There are a couple of things where I really prefer the name brand (like ketchup), but the PC stuff is really good. I shop at Superstore all the time, but I may have to check out No Frills now!

Merry Kuchle

Thursday 9th of October 2014

I love potlucks! It is so the way to go!


Tuesday 7th of October 2014

I find the PC brand to be really good too. I almost always buy it preferentially to anything else. Getting a utility turkey is one of my absolute favorite money savers. I always carve in the kitchen so no one cares whether the turkey is missing some skin or a wing.

Merry Kuchle

Tuesday 7th of October 2014

Same here, Dana! Plus the difference in price is big. At No Frills it was right at $1 per pound different. That adds up fast.