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Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day with the Mods - Merry About Town

Growing up in a small town in the US, we didn’t really observe Veteran’s Day officially. I didn’t grow up going to Veteran’s Day assemblies (or do I even remember if there were any). I did, however, grow up knowing what an important role that veterans played in the freedoms we hold dear. You see, my granddaddy, James Shelton McKay (Evan shares his middle name.), served in World War II and my uncles both served in the military.

James Shelton McKay - Merry about Town

Wasn’t my Grandaddy handsome?

Doris McKay - Merry About Town

My Granny got in on the action a bit as well since she served as an airplane mechanic during the war.

Last year, we were in London on November 11th. It was an amazing sight to see. All of London paused to remember. Dewey’s grandfather and great uncle were members of the RCAF so we made sure to go by the RAF bomber command memorial in Green Park.

RAF Memorial - Merry About Town

After visiting the memorial, we came upon a huge gathering in Hyde Park. We weren’t sure what was going on but we recognized the prevalence of olive drab coats. Then we saw the scooters….all of the scooters. It was the Mods.  Thousands strong.

Remembrance Day in London - Merry About Town

It was a very moving and amazing site to see. Thousands and thousands of men and women came out on their scooters to show respect to those that have served in the armed forces. It was not organized by the government or any veterans organization. It was organized by a group of like minded people who wanted to show respect. For me, that means so much. I can remember the awe I felt like it was yesterday.

So today I will pause and remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms that we hold so dear. The freedom to practice the religion that we believe in (or not), the freedom to speak our mind even if others don’t agree with our opinion, the freedom to celebrate (or not) in the way we choose.  And for that I thank all those who have served.

Lest we foget….