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Loot Bags from Scholar’s Choice

Looking for loot bag supplies? Scholar’s Choice may not be the first place in Calgary that leaps to mind, but they actually have tons of great small toys to use as party favours.

There is a movement away from giving out lots of little toys in loot bags, but let’s face it – kids love this stuff. And let’s be honest – you kind of want a bubble necklace, don’t you? Me too.

I didn’t see anything in this section that was over $5. For instance, these packages of snakes and medals are $2.99 each. I think I need some medals, too. Then I can award myself for doing laundry, or putting away dishes.

Mini slinkies and koosh balls are sure-fire hits for kids of nearly any age.

There are also little foam balls. I cut off the price tag (smart!), but I’m sure these were under $5 as well.

The selection of loot bag swag also included tiny decks of cards, parachute men, wind-up toys and kaleidoscopes.

Scholar’s Choice is also an excellent place to buy gifts because they offer free gift-wrapping. Lazy person win!

Disclaimer: Scholar’s Choice always seems to have loot bag gear in stock, but prices and types may change, so don’t get mad at me if all the bubble necklaces are gone. This post was NOT sponsored – I just want to be your friend and help you with all the birthday things.