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May Long Weekend Camping at Dinosaur Trail RV in Drumheller, AB

Another stellar camping season has begun. Does this comment sound a bit contrived, a bit over ambitious? Maybe, but it’s my way of trying to psych out Mother Nature so maybe she’ll LET UP ALREADY! We headed out to Drumheller on Friday to find the weather a bit chilly (it got down to at least 0°C overnight). Saturday and Sunday were much improved with nice Spring weather. Monday….well it was a bit of a gong show….we packed up in the rain/snow and it was a balmy 2°C (that’s around 38°F). All I can say is that summer better get here quick or I might have to mutiny and move to Jamaica!

Even with the sometimes crappy weather, we had a blast. I was a bit worried about camping with a toddler who can run….FAST but I shouldn’t have worried. He had a the best time! He has never been so dirty but so happy. There were kids everywhere, dogs to look at and more dirt than he could play with in a billion years. We camped with 7 other families with a total of 19 kids! Kids everywhere during the day & then campfire for the adults well into the night. So, so much fun!

I’ll quit talking now & get to the pictures!

Gotta love a campground with a Mascot! I made it into 2 whole pictures this trip! I think it might be a record!

Trying to put Evan to bed the first night, he decided he HAD to have a banana first. How could you say “no” to that face?

Nothing’s better than eating outside!

Dewey making us breakfast tacos & lattes for breakfast. Okay, the lattes were just for me and Dewey b/c Evan definitely does NOT need the caffeine!

Justine playing with Kate Evan and Daniel at the campground playground. They are getting so BIG!

Evan wasn’t sure about the swing. It took a few minutes for him to decide he liked it.
The slide on the other hand….he LOVED the slide. Since it was pretty high & there were parts where he could have easily fallen through, I had to climb up behind him & Justine caught him at the bottom of the slide. Thanks Justine!

Kate & Daniel taking a drive. Not sure where Evan was at this moment, probably running towards the road if I had my guess. He did that ALOT this weekend.
Evan LOVES playing with Kate’s stroller. I’m going to have to break down and buy him one.

Evan thought the road was a  MUCH better place for the chair than the grass!
Go Karting! Madeleine & Nicole are making sure they’re tall enough.
Justine, Ben and Will are READY!
After go karting, we HAD to get some ice cream. Evan attacked Dewey’s cone of Rolo ice cream. I was happy that he was leaving my Cherry Cheesecake ice cream alone!
Darn it…he figured out I had ice cream too!

Nicole loves her cotton candy ice cream (sounds totally *yuck* to me!).
Will devoured his!
I know the picture is blurry but this is one of the very few times that Evan has ever snuggled with me in bed when he’s awake. He had spent an hour or so outside in the cold & he was frozen. He hopped right in bed, covered up & wanted me to read him books. We were procrastinating about packing up to go home b/c it was freezing outside.

See! Told you it was cold!




Monday 25th of May 2009

Looks like it was a great trip! Loved seeing the pictures.


Wednesday 20th of May 2009

This summer is the best time to join educational programs that will teach in keeping Kids Safe without Fear.