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More Great Guinea Pig Memes

Guinea Pigs are the best pets. They are little, furry and cute. Plus they have HUGE personalities. Our Guinea pigs, Gumdrop and Penny, keep us laughing with their crazy antics. Need a laugh? Guinea pig memes are just what the doctor ordered. You loved my first Guinea Pig Meme post so here are a few more for your enjoyment

My husband has to explain to his coworkers that no, he is not torturing a small animal, it’s just the GPs asking for treats because they hear his voice.

Just because you CAN dress up your Guinea Pig, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Not the nail clippers!!!!!

Our GPs love us right up until you try to pet them. Then they run screaming.

They are pretty sure they’re starving.

How do they make so much poop? How?

If there is a food bowl? It WILL get tipped!

So brave when there might be snacks.

No treats? Seriously?

A clean cage is a blank canvas for ALL THE POOP.

Let’s hang out together…like REALLY closely together.

Have you ever had Guinea Pigs as pets? We couldn’t live without them. Not sure what all you need if you decide to get Guinea Pigs as a pet? Check out our Guinea Pig Essentials post which breaks down everything you need to make them a home.

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