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My Favorite Winter Style 2018: All Things Plaid!

My Favorite Winter Style 2018: All Things Plaid!

I’m not exactly a style maven but I know what I like. I’m loving the winter style 2018 trend of all things plaid. I first noticed it when my friend Jo-Anna from A Pretty Life posted about her grapevine wreath while wearing a buffalo plaid shirt (and look at that WREATH!). Then my favourite fashion blogger, Carly, posted about her Christmas Plaid Outfits and now I am ALL THE PLAID, ALL THE TIME.

If you are the same, check out these fun (and festive) plaid items you’ll love!

My Favorite Winter Style 2018: All Things Plaid – Clothing and Accessories

Plaid Clothing

  1. A buffalo plaid purse will go with everything in your wardrobe and I guarantee it will make you smile.
  2. Winter for me is all about tunics and leggings. This plaid tunic is so pretty and has a great pop of plaid.
  3. Not sure if you can “do” plaid? These fun and funky buffalo plaid shoes are a great way to add the plaid without being ALL THE PLAID.
  4. I am a sucker for anything with my name on it. Good thing it is part of the holiday greetings because otherwise I might be sharing shirts with “Susan & Bright” on them which would be weird. This Merry & Bright shirt is definitely awesome and not weird at all.
  5. A comfy grey and plaid tunic would be in heavy rotations all winter around here. Super cute, don’t ya think?


My Favorite Winter Style 2018: All Things Plaid – Decor

Plaid Decor

  1. A little cheer in the kitchen! Plaid dish towels are a fun way to add a bit of plaid.
  2. I had to include this Merry & Bright Pillow because it is plaid AND it has my name on it!
  3. My table needs a bit of love for winter. This reversible buffalo table runner is right up my alley. Plaid on one side and plaid with burlap on the other.
  4. I lurve this cozy plaid sherpa blanket. Doesn’t it look like you could wrap up it and never leave?
  5. I’m not one to decorate the whole house but I love the idea of adding a little something to other rooms. This buffalo plaid bath mat is PERFECT for that.

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My Favorite Winter Style 2018_ All Things Plaid!