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Live The Wanderlust Life: Testing the RV and Thanks

Live The Wanderlust Life: Testing the RV and Thanks

Everyone, I have to say thank you. I must admit that I was a little worried telling the world that I planned on going on a grand adventure to the US. Even though I have done lots of thinking and planning, it is hard to let your dream out into the world. It feels fragile and raw. As much as you love it, if someone calls it ugly or stupid it HURTS.

Thankfully, everyone has been wonderful. I’ve had lots of people tell me about their own dreams of traveling extensively one day. I’ve also met a few people who had their own original Shasta trailer back when it was first released. In fact, we had a lovely conversations at an A&W in Innisfail with a lady who had the same trailer as mine (the original version) and rodeoed in it for years. She loved taking a trip down memory lane and I loved hearing about her adventures.

I’ve also gotten lots of messages with suggestions of places we have to see. I’ve started a spreadsheet so that I don’t forget any of the suggestions. I haven’t really started planning what we will do after US Thanksgiving but if it keeps going how it is now, it won’t be hard. I’ll just put in all the suggestions I’ve gotten and draw lines between.

We spent the weekend testing out all the ins and outs of the RV trailer. While everything was checked on a walkthrough at the RV dealership before we left, we wanted to see for ourselves. It’s also really important for Evan and I to learn what we need to check for our regular maintenance schedule.

Testing out our Water

We were happy to see that everything worked. Evan had a great time helping us with everything and learning all the ins and outs of the trailer. He is very excited to get camping. He’s talking about where he wants to go and what he wants to see. He is also very excited to see his Grammie and Papa Tim and all his cousins. It’s hard living so far away from family.

Next up….finishing up the planning of the first leg of our trip and buying all our supplies for our trailer. So far we have dishes that we are getting from friends of ours (they used to be in their trailer) and Tupperware pans that I got as sales awards. I’m on the lookout for great organization ideas for small spaces.

If you have any organization ideas, must see places or general tips, feel free to leave them in the comments!

And again….Thank you for being my tribe, for listening, for being happy for us and for being supportive. It means so much. Oh and don’t forget to follow my travel channel on Instagram, LiveTheWanderlustLife

Testing out the trailer