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My One Word for 2013

I hate resolutions. I do them every year and then I forget about them. Come December, I brush them off & think “Crap…..” So this year I asked myself “Why bother?” About the same time, I saw a post from my friend Nicole over at Sisters from Another Mister about picking your one word for 2013. One word? That I can handle!

My word for 2013 is Happiness.

Happiness – a state of well-being and contentment

It may seem like a silly word to choose because we all want to be happy. We all strive for happiness. I agree but it seems like I’ve lost my way a bit with the pursuit of happiness lately. I am starting to wonder if I know what happiness looks like or how to get there. Where does your happiness end and someone else’s begin or does it? When does pursuing your own happiness become selfish? And even…what does happiness even feel like? And on and on.

In 2013, I doubt I will find all the answers but I do want to get further down the path of figuring it all out.

And really…how could Happiness not be my word when I got this as my fortune cookie fortune on December 30th?

Be Happy

What would your one word for 2013 be?


Tuesday 8th of January 2013

Happiness--this is definitely a path worth taking. I'm very interested to know about your journey through it. This year, I chose the word Patience. I know I need it for sure. Dropping in from the blog hop -- Sisters from another Mister.


Saturday 5th of January 2013

Always such a good word to choose. Great fortune! Wishing you a ton of luck as you figure out what happiness is for you this year.

My word is Cherish. My goal is to take the time to really cherish the moments more this year and not get so caught up in the busyness of life that I miss them. Time is fleeting.

Sisters from Another Mister

Saturday 5th of January 2013

See, you are onto something ... happiness should be the journey and not the destination! Resolutions are for the birds, like horoscopes - we stick with them for the moment. But I am not messing with your fortune cookie ;)

Jen Taylor

Friday 4th of January 2013

Love that fortune. So true. Cheers to your happiness, darling, and may we all find a clear path to it in the new year. I'm so happy to be here in Calgary and able to spend time with you. There's one little bit of happy for you. ; )

Shan @ the fairy blogmother

Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Hmmmm that's a toughie. Awesome, I think. This past year has been pretty great and I just want more than that. Plus this is my year of forty and I really think that should be awesome in all caps!


Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

I think you are AWESOME already so that should be a slam dunk for you in 2013. :)