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No-Bake Cake Pops in 3 Easy Steps

I like cake as much as the next girl (okay, probably more), but I’m useless at baking. The last time I tried to make cookies, they came out like muffins. Muffins that tasted like cement. 

On the other hand, cake pops are adorable. Luckily, there is an easy cheat for those of us who are lazy and/or terrible at baking.

To make these easy cake pops, you need:

  • Timbits (or donut holes, for those who are not in Canada) – the denser, the better
  • Moulding chocolate (you can buy this at Michael’s or Bulk Barn)
  • Sprinkles or coloured sugar
  • Sticks or straws

Melt your chocolate. I nuke it for 10 – 20 seconds at a time, stirring in between. If it gets too hot, it will be too runny to stick to the Timbit. You want it a little gloppy.

To help the stick stay in the Timbit, dip it in the melted chocolate before poking it into the donut. Use an upside-down egg carton to hold the coated Timbits while they drip.

This is the fun part. Decorate them! If you are dipping them in sprinkles, do it while the chocolate is still wet. If you’re ambitious and you want to draw faces or something on them, wait until the chocolate is dry.

To make these adorable flower cake pops, I dipped each one in coloured sugar, and then I glued paper leaves to the sticks.

You could also make cake pops that look like gumball machines. These are slightly more time-consuming, but still really easy.

While your cake pop is wet, dip it in colourful sprinkles. Then stick a gumball on top (you may need some icing to make it stick). Then use a toothpick to stick a peanut butter cup or caramel cup to the bottom.

The final step is to pig out on cake pops. Or, you know, serve them to party guests. Enjoy!

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