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Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for a Great Kids Party!

The weather is sunny and bright, and it’s the optimal time to host an outdoor birthday party for your children. There are big benefits to hosting an outdoor birthday party. Think less mess indoors, more space and the kids can be as noisy as they want. From games and activities to food and drinks, there are a large variety of options to ensure that your child’s special day is one they will cherish forever. Keep reading for great outdoor birthday party ideas!

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas: Games and Activities

blowing bubbles outdoors

Bubble Station

Set up an oversized bubble station using a kiddie pool, homemade bubble solution and a hula hoop. Fill the pool with the bubble solution and have the kids take turns using the hula hoop as a large bubble wand.


Scavenger Hunt

Hit Pinterest to find a generic backyard scavenger hunt or write out your own list. Make them a mix of hard and easy to find items and put some fun things on there too! Make sure to buy a few small prizes to hand out to the winners of the scavenger hunt. The best thing about this activity is that it can be customized for any age.

Water Fight

It goes without saying, water play is a must over the hot summer months and there are a variety of ways to execute it. Water guns, water balloons or even just a sprinkler can provide hours of refreshing entertainment. Remember to mention that there will be water play on your party invitations, so people will bring a change of clothes, a towel and sunscreen.

popcorn for an outdoor movie

Outdoor Movie

There is something so whimsical about watching a movie outdoors on a large screen. Choose a movie to watch, set up blankets and pillows and have a popcorn station. A white sheeet, a laptop and a projector makes an outdoor movie easy peasy and super fun!

Other Activities

  • Freeze tag
  • Bean bag toss
  • Freeze dance
  • Musical chairs
  • Obstacle course

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas: Food and Drinks


Having a Barbecue is a great idea for an outdoor party as it allows you to offer a variety of different food items. Burgers and Hotdogs are the usual go to’s and kids love them. Don’t forget the condiments though, and the cheese is a must. If you are looking to think outside the box, there are many easy summer BBQ recipes out there, and some can even be prepared in the slow cooker the night before. Serve side dishes like baked beans, broccoli salad or even potato salad, they are perfect for the parents that may also be attending the party. Just stay away from anything that needs too much cutting.

Using a plastic knife on a paper plate while standing is a recipe for DISASTER (or at least a stain).

Finger Foods

A fruit tray – is great for the kids as a fresh and healthy snack. Make sure to provide a variety of different fruits like pineapple, melon, berries and apples.

Popcorn – Individual portions of popcorn make a great snack. Have different seasonings ready at the table for the kids to choose their own flavour combinations.

Party Mix – Make your own party mix with a little bit of everything. Pretzels, chips and even cereal combine to make a delicious mix of kid friendly snacks. You can even add little candy’s or chocolate chips for a sweet pop of flavour. Check out our Sunny Bunny Snack Mix or our Apple Butterscotch Snack Mix for ideas.

Bucket of Drinks

To make it easy for the kids to grab refreshments, fill a large bucket with a variety of different drinks. Pour ice in the bucket over the drinks to make sure that they remain cold.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas: The Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is the finishing touch to any great birthday party, so it’s not surprising how important it is. Make sure to store the cake in the house until it’s ready to serve, otherwise the heat could melt the icing, (especially if it’s an Ice cream cake.)

Serve up individual cupcakes for a fun twist on a birthday cake. Have coloured icing and toppings available, and have the children decorate their own. Also check out my allergy friendly birthday cake because everyone wants to have cake at a birthday party!

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas: Loot Bags

I can go either way on whether you should do loot bags. However, if you are going to do them, do them right. Here is a GREAT list of loot bag ideas for a summer party!

Outdoor birthday parties are an absolute blast! They create less mess indoors and more fun in the sun for the attendees and the birthday boy or girl. Just remember to plan some fun activities and have a variety of food and drinks to choose from, and your child’s outdoor birthday party will be the best one yet!

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for a Great Kids Party!

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Thursday 7th of January 2021

These are some really creative and interesting ideas for kids birthday party. Would definitely use it for my kids birthday party. Thanks for sharing!