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Pantone Loot Bags

A few weeks ago, I had a Messy Art Party, and I totally messed it up. But I did NOT mess up the loot bags – they were frigging adorable. See??

I totally stole this idea from my sister. But to even out the bad karma, I’m giving you free printables! I spent a long time trying to get the fonts just right, so that they look just like Pantone paint chips.

Then I bought colourful paper bags at the dollar store, and glued on the Pantone label. So easy, but they turned out really cute!


Inside the loot bags, I put paintings that the kids made at the party, crayons, and notebooks. Art party loot bags are super easy because you can put ANY art supplies in them. And kids always need more art supplies!

You can find the free Pantone label printable here. Enjoy, and let me know if you use them!