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Parties at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary

I am really, really terrible at sports. I love to watch the Olympics, but Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is as close as I will ever get to a gold medal. Unless there is a gold medal for eating perogies – I would win that.

The Hall of Fame is great for parties, or for a fun afternoon with the kids during the Olympics! Note: Some of the galleries have changed since this post was written. For up to date photos, check out this post on Calgary Playground Review!

The Hall of Fame includes tons of memorabilia, from Olympic medals to skating costumes to hockey uniforms. Bonus: Hidy and Howdy live there!!

There are also games – you can catch a fastball, take a shot at a Team Canada goalie, and try your hand as a sports broadcaster.

You can even take a seat and enjoy a virtual F1 race alongside this Jacques Villeneuve car!

Birthdays here are $285. That includes admission to the museum, a loot bag gift for all the guests, and exclusive use of the cafe (below) for 2 hours.

This would be ideal for kids who are about 8 and up. My husband LOVED it, and he is often a lot like a 15-year-old.

Like all museums, the lighting makes photos tricky. But overall, this is a great outing or party for all sports fans!

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Disclaimer: Check the Hall of Fame website for the most up-to-date info on pricing and details.