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Planning a Road Trip aka Nailing Jello To the Wall

The problem with planning a road trip in the future is that at some point, you have done the big things and just have to wait. We have made the decision that Evan and I are heading to the US in October. We have purchased a trailer. I have signed him up for homeschooling. Now….we have to wait until October.

While I am a planner, I am not very patient. It is taking all my willpower not to hop into my car and drive into the sunset. I want to get this crazy train ON THE ROAD!

Instead, I am spending entirely too much time on playing “this route or this route or this route” until my eyes cross. Will there be snow in the Dakotas? Which is better Mount Rushmore/Badlands National Park or Zion National Park? How many days do I need to spend in Yellowstone. How many days can I stay here or here or here.

See my problem?

I had almost convinced myself to back away but then I asked some RV experts and they recomended I needed to book all my RV sites ahead of time or else I might end up in the Walmart parking lot or worse….a truck stop. ACK!

So back to the analysis paralysis and wondering if the photos online are really indicative of what the RV park is like. And trying to determine how many days we might want to spend in a certain spot. How interested will Evan be in this one spot? Argh!

And then I take a DEEEEP breath and remind myself that this is a FUN trip. So I will figure out where we want to go and remind myself that staying in a Walmart parking lot will NOT be the end of the world. Plus this is not the last year we can travel. If we miss something, we can always go back! The world is a big place and there will always be more to do, more to see and more to experience. Thank goodness. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were able to see everything there was to see in just a few short weeks?

Phew! Glad I talked myself off that ledge. Now back to the road trip drawing board. I still would love to hear your “must see” destinations in the US! Leave me a comment!

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Jamie Italiane

Friday 15th of September 2017

I really enjoyed the caves and parks in Idaho and I wasn't expecting too. Have an amazing time!