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Pokemon Printable Lunch Notes for Your Little PokeMaster

Yep. The Pokemon craze has hit our house. We downloaded PokemonGo as soon as we could and Evan LOVES it. Okay, maybe I do too but don’t tell anyone! Since he can’t have the phone with him all the time, I’ve started looking for some Pokemon Printable activities etc to fill in the gaps. I love that these printable lunch notes let him take his love of Pokemon to school but without screens.

In Calgary, we are lucky to live within 2 blocks of 3 or 4 Pokestops. At the cottage, not so much. Thankfully, that doesn’t keep Evan from trying to find Pokemon. He has gone on more walks with me since downloading the app than in the history of Evan.

I liken it to a virtual scavenger hunt with an added distance component. It’s a great way for us to get out, get some exercise and chat. I love having something to talk about that we both are interested in (unlike Minecraft).

Regardless of what YOU think of PokemonGo, I guarantee that your child has heard of it and either plays or really, really wants to.

Pokemon Printable Lunch Notes

While we are lucky enough to have another month left before school starts, I know many are heading back in just a week or two. Here are some fun (and free) printable Pokemon lunch notes to add some Poke-fun to your child’s lunch box.

Just print them off, cut them up and slip them into their lunch. While they won’t bring any Pokeballs, Eggs or Pokemon, they will bring along smiles without eating up any of your phone data!

Click on the graphic below to launch a printable pdf!

pokemon printable lunch notes

And while we’re here, I have some great ideas on how to pack a lunch that your kid will actually eat. After a year of homeschooling, I am not looking forward to having to pack lunches again so I’ll be reading up on lunch ideas too. Send help!

You can print these as many times as you like so don’t forget to Pin this post for later!

Free Pokemon Printable Lunch Notes!

Looking for more fun Pokemon content? How about Teaching Kids Teamwork With Pokemon Go and 8 Pokemon Halloween Costumes for Kids? They’re poke-tastic!

Plus, here are some epic Pokemon Lunch Boxes that you can order just in time for back to school!

pokemon lunch box

Love this Pikachu luch bag! (US link) (Canadian link)

And this one that has two compartments and multiple characters. (US link) (Canadian link)


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