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Real Party: Birthday at the Fire Station

Real Party: Birthday at the Fire Station

Dana had her son Gordie’s 4th birthday party at the #1 Fire Station, which is basically the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Dana’s Calgary Playground Review blog is an essential resource for any parent in Calgary, and you can also find her at Talking in All Caps.




Must be booked at least 3 weeks but no more than 6 weeks in advance.


A must. They can take at least 3 weeks to confirm your booking and if the fire fighters are busy your tour may be cut short or bumped.




1 adult per 5 children


30 people


Approximately 45 minutes in duration


Really none. They don’t actually host birthday parties at the firehall, but anyone can book a tour. When we went through they gave each kid a little workbook and the birthday kid got a little stuffed dog.


Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your tour. Carpooling is recommended. You can book a tour at most but not all firehalls in Calgary.



Gordie was turning 4 and absolutely loves firefighters so I thought a tour of the firehall would be perfect. We decided to book with the #1 fire hall downtown, so we could take the C-train down as party of the party fun. After the tour, we went to the Devonian Gardens for lunch, cake and a play at the park.

The tour itself was great. Gordie was overwhelmed being at an actual firehall. His jaw literally hung open half the time. 

The kids all got to sit inside one of the fire trucks and the firefighters showed them some of the tools that they use in their jobs. They talked about fire safety and gave lots of opportunities for the kids to ask questions. One of the firefighters got dressed up in full gear (and then one of the other firefighters poured some water on his head from the top of the firetruck) and he also demonstrated going down the fire pole (and then got sprayed by the fire hose).

Gordie was thrilled, his friends had a great time and they learned some things too. It wasn’t as easy  as some places because you do have to go elsewhere to have the rest of your party, but I thought it was great.

Tours of the Firehall can be booked through the City of Calgary.


For more birthday ideas, check out my list of every birthday party venue in Calgary! 

Disclaimer: Prices and other info are subject to change – check with the City before you book! 

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