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Real Party: Penguin Party at the Calgary Zoo

Real Party: Penguin Party at the Calgary Zoo

I’ve written about theoretical birthday parties at the Calgary Zoo before. Today, I bring you a REAL Zoo party!

We were invited to little Wesley’s birthday party at the Zoo, so of course I photographed it for you. He chose a penguin theme. First, we all went into the special secret birthday room with special secret animals. We had lots of time during the party to visit with them.

There were also a lot of special secret revolting giant bugs. I deleted my pictures of them – YOU’RE WELCOME.

We had a presentation about penguins with the Program Coordinator. Wesley was the star of the show – he got to hold all the props and show them to everyone. I thought this was a nice touch.

Next, we headed over to the penguin exhibit. The kids enjoyed some more penguin bio-facts without ever realizing this is ALL EDUCATIONAL, mua ha ha ha ha!

If you haven’t been to the Calgary Zoo’s penguin exhibit yet, here is the best part:

If you think that looks like an inch of chest-high glass separating you from the penguins, you are CORRECT. And it is even better than it sounds.

After we said hi to the penguins, we returned to our private room, where the kids had a snack (goldfish crackers and juice). The Program Coordinator read penguin-themed stories while they ate.

Next, the kids all made adorable penguin crafts.

There was plenty of space in the room for all the kids and parents to spread out. After the craft, we did presents and cupcakes, and there was still time left over for a couple of games (lead by the Program Coordinator).

If you’re like me, you will take this opportunity to go poke the bio-facts again.

After we left the party room, we were all able to explore the zoo for the rest of the day.

There were kids at this party from ages 2 – 7, and they all had a ball. Despite the presence of seriously disgusting (caged) bugs in the party room, I stand by my declaration that birthdays at the Calgary Zoo are awesome.

Due to their awesome nature, Zoo parties book up FAST. Book as far ahead of time as you can to avoid disappointment, and show the Zoo some love.