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Real Party: Wildflower Arts Centre in Calgary

My sister Lily has a talent for finding excellent party venues and making amazing treats. I’m saving her art party desserts for a future post, but Lily is guest-posting today about her daughter Sophie’s party at Wildflower Arts Centre in Calgary! This is a great option for an easy art party.


This varies, depending on what type of party you choose (dance, drama, or visual arts). The cost ranges from $150 to $260.


Book as far in advance as possible – Wildflower’s parties are already full for the entire summer! The centre is closed on Sundays.


4 – 5 years (max 11 kids)

6 – 12 years (max 14 kids)


Parties range from 1 – 1.5 hours.


Parties at Wildflower are centred around either dance, drama, or visual arts (sculpting, painting, collage, printmaking, etc). You choose the medium and any theme that your child desires, and the artists plan a unique party for your child.

Another studio may be available for rental after the party, for cake and presents ($20 / half hour).


For Sophie’s birthday, we booked an art party at Wildflower. We could have given them any theme we wanted, but Sophie didn’t have a strong preference. When we arrived, the instructor had a short list of themes to choose from, and Sophie went for mermaids.

The kids filed in for their art project, and because I had rented studio space for cake and presents, I was able to start setting up the treat table right away. There was also a separate room where parents could lounge on the couches while the kids painted.

Everyone had a great time, and there was a playground outside where they played for a while after the party! I was really impressed by the staff at Wildflower, and would definitely book a party there again.

If the kids need more time to play, there’s also a pretty great playground right outside!

Thank you for writing about your real art party, Lily! For more information about parties at the City’s Arts Centres, check the City of Calgary website.