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Remembering the Meaning of Christmas with World Vision Canada

Remembering the Meaning of Christmas with World Vision Canada

Do you ever feel like your family (aka kids) have lost the plot on the real meaning of Christmas? I’m pretty sure that making sure you have the latest Skylanders game is NOT the real meaning of Christmas.

This year we are looking for new ways to celebrate the season and remember what Christmas is all about. We will go through the World Vision Gift Catalogue to find gifts for family, friends and teachers. Let’s face it…I have no idea what Evan’s teachers want for Christmas. I feel like we should give something but I am always left scratching my head deciding WHAT we should give. This year I want Evan to choose a gift that matters like the gift of textbooks to a child in need for $30. It’s a gift that will make a world of difference in a child’s life and it won’t get lost in the shuffle of yet another coffee mug.

Since we’ve had a chance to visit countries where many children are in need, Christmas is a great time to remind Evan that not everyone is as privileged as we are. In fact, many families in Canada are struggling as well. Did you know that you can feed a family in Canada for $30? Once you choose your gift, you can choose an e-card to send the recipient with your own message. You can even choose the date it gets delivered. Basically you can choose your gifts today and have them delivered right before Christmas. Perfect to get your shopping done early!

More Great Gift Ideas from World Vision Canada

Mlonra, age 7, with a chicken in Mashuru ADP.

Mlonra, age 7, with a chicken in Mashuru ADP.

Owning chickens has always seemed like something I would love to do. I remember visiting the chicken coop of my grandparent’s neighbors. Gathering eggs and hearing the chickens was so grounding. I can imagine how having chickens can help a family in need. Two hens and a rooster can supply 150 eggs per year to eat, sell or hatch and then chicken to eat. You can send 2 Hens and a Rooster to a family in need for just $50. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Viloma ADP - Family Who Received Gift Catalog Pigs

Prefer to give an animal that is a bit more warm and cuddly? How about a piglet for $40. A sow can give birth to a litter of piglets per year to sell at market. They are also easy to raise and they grow quickly.

World Vision Canada also has a great variety of handcrafted gifts that support artisans. It’s a great way to marry giving back and having a present to open under the tree.

Whatever you decide, know that World Vision Canada is helping those in need with your contributions. Join Linked Moms on November 18th at 8pm ET for a World Vision Canada Twitter Party. Make sure to follow World Vision Canada on Twitter at @WorldVisionCan.


Disclosure: I am a World Vision Canada Mom working with Thrifty Mom Media to tell this story, and as such I am compensated. My opinion is all my own.

Angie Pitre

Saturday 5th of December 2015

I love how you are able to travel Merry and Evan can see in your family's travels, how other kids are in need, and then you can put those experences into action with gifts from the World Vision Catalogue! Wishing you the best holiday season! Angie xo

Tammy @inRdream

Friday 30th of October 2015

Sometimes it is important to zoom out and remember what it is all about!

Aeryn Lynne

Wednesday 14th of October 2015

The World Vision gift guide is always inspiring, and a true reminder of giving, not just in December, but all year round. I really love the idea of the beekeeping kit in this year's guide. It will help a family as well as hopefully help preserve a species that is threatening to die out.

Suzanne Rudge

Wednesday 14th of October 2015

Thank you for sharing this post Merry, and for doing so early in the season. I really like the idea of giving a gift of textbooks and sharing that with the school, teachers etc. Our kids do have so much and will still get plenty, but this is the perfect way to remind them what it is all about..

Paula schuck

Wednesday 14th of October 2015

I love this idea especially for teachers. Who needs another mug? I really like the gift of giving cards too. My kids and I gave them last year to several people. I like that the gift catalogue has so many options!