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#TreatsforToys with Rice Krispies – Check out our Rice Krispies Dino!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and the chatter around my house revolves around toys. Evan loves toys and I think that is all he and his friends talk about. He can spout off all the details of the latest Lego set, video game and just about anything else you can think of. We were very excited when we saw that Rice Krispies had come up with a set of recipes where you make “toys” out of Rice Krispies Treats. What is better than a toy? A toy you can eat!

Evan and I decided that we wanted to make the dinosaur. We gathered all the ingredients for the Rice Krispies Treats. I love that they are so simple to make from ingredients I already have in my pantry. A few extra candies for decorations, a bit of royal icing and we were ready to go.

First I made the Rice Krispies Treats and pressed them in to a pan to cool. Evan didn’t help much with this part because melted butter and marshmallows can be really hot. I had to shoo everyone away from the finished pan of treats because everyone wanted one NOW.  Next I cut out the shapes for the dinosaur. Even though building the dinosaur sounded complex, the shapes were actually pretty simple to cut out.

Cutting out the Rice Krispies

Evan helped me glue the pieces together and decorating our dinosaur. He loved sorting a bag of jellybeans and deciding which pieces would be used to decorate the side of the dinosaur and which would be the toenails. We decided to use a large cutting board to make the dinosaur on so we could glue it down with royal icing.  We glued the legs to the body before standing the dinosaur up. Our dinosaur lost a couple of legs right off the bat but we were able to move them around a bit until they were stable. On went the toenails with a bit of icing.

Next we tried to glue on the head.

Clunk. Off it fell.  We added more icing and cut off part of it’s neck since there seemed to be a balance problem.

Clunk. It fell off again. We resorted to toothpicks to hold it on.

Evan and I working on the dino

Clunk. Cutting off even more of it’s neck finally worked though it still looked pretty wobbly. We didn’t breathe in Dino’s direction and it finally dried and stopped falling off. I think we used too big of a pan to make the Rice Krispies Treats. Next time I will use a smaller pan so that the pieces are thicker and a bit more stable.

A few more jellybeans and scales made of licorice brought our dinosaur to life. Evan lost patience with the process a few times but he loved the final results. When I asked him how much he liked building our dino, he gave it a 10 on a scale of 5.

This holiday season, build your own Rice Krispies creation and help out kids in need. Rice Krispies has partnered with The Salvation Army to bring toys to Canadian children in need. For every picture of a toy shaped Rice Krispies Treat that is uploaded to, Kellogg’s will donate $20 to the Salvation Army. Also make sure to share them on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #treatsfortoys so that we can all follow along to see all the great Rice Krispies toy creation. How cool is that? So get building and if you do, please leave a comment because I would love to see your creation!

MBA Mama

Monday 2nd of December 2013

You are a much better Rice Krispies Treat creator than I. Our robot never did stand up. I think you are right - a small pan to yield thicker treats would probably work better.

Barney Moss

Thursday 28th of November 2013

First off i was a bit weary due to other reviews sayin the cereal was expiring soon. My cereal came packed very well, 4 boxes of beautiful rice krispies treats cereal which didnt expire for about 8 months. opening the first box was epic...those first big chunks were huge! and despite shipping the cereal was in great condition. Now, as someone who eats cereal once maybe twice a week, i tell you this. all 4 boxes were gone in a week. This cereal is simply AMAZING. childhood memory lane. i ordered frankenberry and booberry afterwards too, but this cereal is 10x better then both. Fortunately, i found a specialty store which carries this cereal :) but had i not, i would be spending alot more money on amazon.

Jody Robbins

Tuesday 19th of November 2013

Not that we ever need a reason to make Rice Krispie treats, but their Salvation Army donation makes baking that much sweeter. Note to self: do not attempt dinosaur!