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Life On the Road: RV Repair Adventure Edition

Disclosure: We are being hosted by Nature’s Resort in Homosassa, FL. As always, all opinion are my own….as is my ability (or lack there of to fix my door lock or do any kind of RV Repair).

Tonight we moved to Nature’s Resort in Homosassa. After 4 Days at the Best Western Crystal River Resort, we are back in our camper. I hoped that 4 nights would be enough to get me over my “I am so tired of RVing” feelings. It almost worked but then things started to go wrong. Little did I know that I was going on an RV Repair adventure.

Yesterday, when we went to leave Cooper in the trailer,  the lock jammed and I broke off the key. A locksmith came, made another key and told me the lock was fine (and filled it with lubricant). The lock worked great. Yay! I allowed my brain to believe that all was well and the lock was AWESOME.RV Repair Edition

Today we checked out, unlocked the trailer and moved to Homosassa without any issues. We arrived at Nature’s Resort and I backed into a space right on the river (by myself! It was tight and I did it! I didn’t hit anything…tho there was a pole, the river and a concrete pad trying to jump in my path). We left to go to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and the grocery store. Arriving home I dumped the groceries on the picnic table and tried to open the door. Nothing happened. The key wouldn’t go in….again.

I went to the campsite store and bought WD-40. Sprayed it in. Still no go. Grrr.

I’m pondering what to do and calling the locksmith back from yesterday when I hear voices on the dock behind my trailer. “Do you think it is old? Or one of those new ones made to look old?” They were talking about Daisy! I popped my head around the back of the trailer and said “she’s new…and I would give her to you right this minute!”

They laughed and asked what the problem was. I told them about the lock and they all came to inspect the lock. There was lots of playing with the lock, discussing whether the locksmith removed the broken key properly and rattling of the door.

Did I mention Cooper was IN the trailer? Yep. So he was barking through all of this too.

Then, one of the guys said “hey…can you access your front storage under the bed?” You CAN! So we cleaned out the storage, pushed up the top and got Evan to shimmy in that way. We thought we were home free. Nope.

Evan couldn’t unlock the door. Nothing would turn. Dang it.

“Is there any other way in?” Well, there is the emergency exit. We talked Evan through opening the emergency exit window. Then the three men held the window for me while I climbed onto the bumper and shimmied through the window. They get bonus points….the only pushed on my feet though we ALL know my backside was all up in everybody’s face. Oy.

My door lock in pieces. If it wasn’t is now!

I couldn’t move the lock either. I may have been cursing LOUDLY at this point. My friendly neighbors passed my tools through the window as I tried to get out. Finally, I was able to take apart the door and get out (6 screws and half a beer later).

By this time, Evan had crawled back and forth through the front storage, Cooper had met everyone and we were laughing our heads off.

Who knew what I would have to figure out on this trip and who I would meet along the way.

Thanks guys! Now we are settled into our RV and I am happy being back in my own space. Dewey arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait to show him around…..and let him deal with that stinking lock!


Thursday 28th of December 2017

It is always an adventure when it comes to rvs!! I would have been clueless how to fix that, I would still call the locksmith from the day before!

Merry Kuchle

Thursday 28th of December 2017

True story! There is always SOMETHING you need to fix.

Jaclyn Anne

Wednesday 20th of December 2017

The adventures of the on the road life! What a day! Nice job backing up on your own, I couldn't even imagine trying to back an RV up without someone outside directing me! Wait - are RVs automatic? Because if it is stick I wouldn't be able to move it at all, never mind back up LOL

Merry Kuchle

Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Hahahaha! My car (which pulls my trailer) is automatic. I can’t drive a stick either!

Suzanne Rudge

Sunday 17th of December 2017

Oh man! I would have been freaking out! Good on your for keeping a cool head Merry. Great memories!


Saturday 16th of December 2017

Quite the day. We bought our first RV at the end of the summer/early fall. Other than "camping" in the driveway, we haven't used it much yet. We did learn the importance of winterizing it though! One of our faucets "exploded". Thankfully, the busted faucet seems to the worst of the damage. I guess we'll find out in the spring when we head out on first big adventure. :)

April E Hargraves

Friday 15th of December 2017

Oh wow! Sounds like one of those things you will hopefully look back on and laugh about one day!