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#DraggingMissDaisy RV Road Trip Route

#DraggingMissDaisy RV Road Trip Route

Here are all the places we’ve been so far. I will link to the posts about each place on either my blog or Evan’s homeschooling blog (

Calgary – Home. We started our epic RV journey on Monday, September 18, 2017.

Milk River, AB – Our first stop was in Milk River to visit Writing on Stone Provincial Park (my post) and Evan’s post. We stayed at the 8 Flags Campground for one night.

Shelby, Montana  – A quick stop after a full day at Writing on Stone and crossing the border. We stayed at the Trails West campground behind a hotel. I wasn’t sure about it but it had awesome wifi and you could eat the hot breakfast at the hotel for just $6 per person. Color me surprised.

Helena, Montana – Another quick stop after a shopping day in Great Falls. The weather was looking kind of grim so we were trying to make it South and out of snow range as quickly as possible. We stayed at the Lincoln Road RV park. I don’t remember much about it other than the wifi was crap and some really loud diesel woke me up really early as they barrelled out of the campground.

West Yellowstone, Montana – We arrived at Yellowstone just in time to get snowed on. We stayed at Rustic Wagon campground and LOVED it. Ken (the owner) is gruff but lovable and will do anything to help you. Here’s what I thought about Yellowstone and Evan’s thoughts on our visit to the Wolf and Grizzly Discovery Center. We stayed in Yellowstone for 4 nights.

Idaho Falls, Idaho – After leaving Yellowstone, we travelled through Grand Teton National Park and toodled on to Idaho Falls. I remember nothing about it and couldn’t tell you where we stayed if my life depended on it. This is why I am making this page. I thought I would just remember. Oh well…this is 40.

Pocatello, Idaho – On our way by, we stopped at the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, ID. We also visit the Craters of the Moon National Monument while we were there. We stayed two nights at Batiste Springs RV park. It was a gorgeous little park across the street from a fertilizer plant. As a Chemical Engineer, that bothered me not a bit.

Salt Lake City, Utah – We decided to stay in Salt Lake City for two days. One ended up being a rest day and the other we spent checking out Temple Square. We stayed at the Pony Express RV park. They had the best wifi of any campground yet PLUS they give you free homemade cookies when you check in. The only negative is that it is really big. Evan loved it, though, because there were some full time families that had kids so he made friends.

Panguitch, Utah – All the campsites nearer Bryce Canyon were booked so I stayed 20 minutes away in Panguitch. Thankfully it was a pretty easy drive back and forth. We did tons of hikes in Bryce and loved every minute of it. We stayed for 4 nights at the Panguitch KOA. So far they win the award for nicest bathrooms.

Cedar City, Utah – I miscalculated so Dewey arrived a day earlier than our reservations near Zion started. Instead of making him drive all the way to Bryce Canyon, we moved to Cedar City. We stayed at the Cedar City KOA. It was a lovely spot with actual trees around the campgrounsd (not often something you see in the West). While there we visited the petroglyphs at Perowan Gap and Brian’s Head peak.

Virgin, Utah – We stayed here 6 nights while Dewey visited. That was about 3 nights too long. The bussing system at Zion National Park is not my favourite so I was ready to move on. Unfortunately, we had non-refundable reservations so we made do. While here we visited Zion National Park and Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. We stayed at the Zion River Resort. It is a very nice resort with trees, nice bathrooms and spacious(ish) lots. It also has a heated pool which Evan loved.

Flagstaff, Arizona – We stayed in Flagstaff for one night. It seemed like a nice town but pulling Daisy through larger centers is NOT my idea of fun. While we were here, we visited Wupatki National Monument and took Cooper to get a bath and a hair cut. We stayed at the Flagstaff KOA.

Holbrook, Arizona – We are here for two nights to visit the Petrified Forest National Park. On the way here, we stopped at Winslow, Arizona so we could take our picture on the corner.

Pheonix, Arizona – We popped into Pheonix to catch up with our long time friends, Dennis and Marilyn. We had an amazing time visiting with them both.

Sahuarita, Arizona – Evan and I spent 4 lovely nights with my friend Corrina and her family near Tucson. While we were there we went to the Desert Museum and Evan played tons of Beyblades and Minecraft. It was a much needed break from the camper.

Tombstone, Arizona – We’re walking in the shoes of Wyatt Earp and visiting Tombstone during their Helldorado celebration. So far we have eaten bbq, gawked at all the costumes and taken a stagecoach ride. On our second day we headed South to Bisbee, an old copper mining town. We toured the copper mine and did our best miner impressions.

Silver City, New Mexico– We decided to visit Silver City in order to visit the Cliff Dwellings at Gila.

Alamogordo, New Mexico – Alamogordo was out home base for two days at White Sands National Park as well as the New Mexico Museum of Space.

Carlsbad, New Mexico – We couldn’t pass up a visit to Carlsbad Caverns. They did not disappoint. Evan and I both earned Jr. Ranger badges there as well.

Van Horn, Texas – Instead of heading to Northern New Mexico, we decided to head into Texas. We made a quick stop over in Van Horn on our way to other places.

Balmorhea, Texas – we were headed to Fort Davis but lack of cell service meant we couldn’t find a place to stay. We headed to Balmorhea to possibly swim at the state park but are most likely going to be thwarted by rain.

Fort Davis, Texas – One night stay here to Trick or Treat and attend the star party at McDonald Observatory.

Junction, Texas – West/Central Texas on I-10 is a whole lot of nothing. After a long day of driving, we ended up at South Llano River RV park. It was an oasis! It is right along the river. Evan had a blast hunting for frogs and I saw herons and a herd of deer (literally a herd…probably 30 or more) while walking around the campsite. Definitely worth a visit! The campground is growing. There are many treed lots but also lots of other lots that are in development.

Austin, Texas – My former home! We are staying with friends in Austin and loving the warm weather.

Brenham, Texas – Home of Bluebell Ice Cream!

Dickinson, Texas – Right outside of Houston so we could visit NASA.

New Orleans, LA – We ended up staying here for 4 days to explore the city. We stayed at 3 Oaks and a Pine RV Park and loved it. It is very basic but felt really safe. The owners and staff are VERY nice.

Guin, Alabama – My hometown. We stayed for a week with family.

Pensacola Beach, Florida – We spent Thanksgiving here with my cousin and my mom’s family. We stayed at Pensacola Beach RV Resort for part of the time and at this lovely (and huge) rental the other part.

Port St. Joe, Florida – Our first state park stay couldn’t have been nicer. We loved T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park even though it had ZERO wifi and not much cell connectivity either. The beach made up for it.

Old Town, Florida – We stopped here because we basically ran out of day light. We ended up staying two days since it was pouring rain and freezing. We stayed at Old Town Campground N Retreat.

Ocala, Florida – Another place we went just because. Figuring out where to stay every day is EXHAUSTING. We stayed at the Ocala Sun RV Resort which is outside of Ocala but pretty central to everything we needed.

Crystal River, Florida – Evan and I were hosted in Crystal River by Discover Crystal River. We got to stay at the Best Western for 4 nights which was HEAVEN. They are pet friendly too. You can read about our adventures swimming with manatees and kayaking on the blog!

Homosassa, Florida – We only moved about 14 miles down the road but it felt like much further. We moved back into Daisy and stayed 4 nights at Natures Resort in Homosassa. Our spot was RIGHT on the bank of the river. We loved it there! Dewey joined us for the last couple of nights since it was getting close to Christmas.

Fort Myers Beach, FL – Dewey wanted an adventure so we let him choose where we went next. He, of course, wanted to head to the beach! We stayed at Red Coconut RV Resort in Ft. Myers. It is RIGHT on the beach. We were lucky and they had room for us to stay on the beach side for 4 nights. There’s nothing like being able to stumble right out to the beach.

Cocoa Beach, FL – We splurged and spent a few nights in an Airbnb right on the beach. We were supposed to leave on the 27th but Evan played sick in the morning so we are here for an additional night.

And that is where we are right now. I will add to this as we go! Read all our posts here. I post a weekly update on Monday or Tuesday each week.