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Save Money While Traveling to the US with Roam Mobility

Heading Out on a Trip - Merry About Town

Disney World is a magical place. It is full of real life Disney characters, great rides, cool photo ops and more and I want to SHARE THEM ALL. Unfortunately as a Canadian resident traveling in the US, sharing all the things can be very, very expensive.

Rewind to two years ago when we last visited Disney. The parks had zero Wifi coverage and I was traveling on a mega expensive (though with tiny data limits) cell phone roaming plans. While I told myself that I would NOT go over my minutes, I did. I couldn’t help it. I posted a few pictures on social media and BOOM I had a huge cell phone bill when I got home.

Fast forward to a few months ago when we were planning another trip to Disney in conjunction with a conference Dewey was attending. I was still unsure about Wifi coverage in the parks (they do have it now I found out though it can be spotty) and I did not want another huge phone bill.


Save Money While Traveling

I hit the interwebs to figure out what I could do. First I needed to get my phone unlocked. I figured out I could do that for $50 through my phone provider, Rogers (different providers charge different amounts). Then I found out about Roam Mobility. All you have to do is get your phone unlocked, buy their SIM card (I bought mine at 7-11), buy one of their Talk+Text+Data plans and set it to be active while you are away.

It is SUPER cheap and it gave me unlimited talk, text and up to 400 MB of 4G LTE per day (and 2G after that) for $3.95 per day. That is a fraction of what I paid for roaming through Rogers for more data, more talk and more texts. Score!

Saving Money While Traveling to the US with Roam Mobility - Merry About Town

Things to Note & What I Loved

The only thing that you need to realize is that your phone number will change while you are away so make sure to let those that need to get in touch with you know. After that it is easy peasy. I loved that I could text and call Dewey without worrying about the cost. In the past, I did anything to keep from using talk or text because they weren’t covered on my roaming plan. Asking to use other people’s phones, walking for miles to find Wifi so I could use FB messenger and more….the only thing I didn’t resorted to is smoke signals!

Being able to share our trip and stay in touch was such a load off my mind. And now that I own a ROAM SIM card I can set up a plan any time that I go to the US. Oh and here’s a tip…if you don’t have your iPhone SIM card tool just use a paper clip!

Disclosure: I partnered with Roam Mobility on this trip to try their service. As always, all opinions are my own.


Sunday 19th of October 2014

I think I have to try this out! So it's $4 a day for unlimited talk, text and data? Do you ever pay overages? This seems almost too good to be true!


Sunday 19th of October 2014

You get 400 MB of 4G LTE data and then if you go over that it goes to 2G. If you need more high speed then you can top it up. So no overages unless YOU decide to buy more data.